Thursday, 20 August 2020 10:31

Shortcut premieres at #Giffoni50

A story of friendship and courage with mysterious and noir settings: SHORTCUT was premiered at #Giffoni50. A film directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci.It winks both at The Goonies and Back to the Future”, That is how the director Alessio Liguori described his first work. It is an actual tribute to cinema from the 80’s for young people. Nonetheless, it also winks at nostalgic shows like Stranger Things and Super 8. Before the meeting with the jurors, static energy and a sense of expectation of sharing an intimate and personal work can be perceived in the atmosphere.

The production challenge has been taken up with open arms, as Francesca Dolise from Minerva Pictures explains: “We focused on this high-quality story broadcasted in English because since a couple of years the choice of projects has been aiming to those genres which are suitable for a diverse audience. This does not mean creating a niche project and we should go beyond labels. This viewpoint worked because Shortcut has been sold in many Japanese cities and in Tunisia, and it should get to the United States soon”.

SHORTCUT tells the story of Nolan, Bess, Reggie, Queenie and Karl (all 16 years old), a group of friends who, returning from school aboard a vintage bus driven by the "old" Jo, run into an obstacle along the road that forces the driver to take a "shortcut". However, once inside, something unexpected awaits them. Everything seems to be the result of a trap devised by Pedro Minghella, a madman on the run from prison who is ready for anything to escape, but none of them imagine that a mysterious being hidden in the shadows will seriously endanger their lives. It is time for the youngsters to join forces, not to get caught up in fear and use all their wits to survive the long night ahead.

It’s an adventure-fantasy film which deals with that delicate phase of transition into adolescence, that phase of life in which imagination and the most ancestral fears are about to leave room for a concrete world made up of indissoluble responsibilities, relationships and values. The film, which is the result of a German-Italian co-production,  is in cooperation with Play Entertainment, Camaleo Film and Sternenberg Films together with Mad Rocket Entertainment. The production has made use of the audiovisual intervention from the Italian region of Lazio, and it will be distributed in Italy by Minerva Pictures Group.  Jack Kane (Nolan), Zak Sutcliffe (Reggie), e David Keyes (Pedro Minghella) are in the cast.

SHORTCUT will be available in streaming, starting from August 19th, on The Film Club, the Minerva Pictures platform and on the main VOD platforms: Sky Primafila, Chili, Rakuten TV, Apple TV, Google Play.