Wednesday, 19 August 2020 17:55

Matilde Gioli comes back to Giffoni: “It feels like home”

“Being here makes me feel so good, it feels like home”. Italian actress Matilde Gioli joins the #Giffoni50 with simplicity and elegance. “Meeting you all again fills my heart with joy, I can sense the same enthusiasm despite masks and social distancing", says Gioli. "I’ve found the same desire to be together once again, and it is stronger than ever, because it is moved by passion, and you can’t stop that. I’m sorry that I can’t touch you, because it’s an extraordinary feeling, but there’s such a wonderful atmosphere here that I can feel all your energy right in my hands”.

Be curious. Always - her advice for the giffoners - and listen. Gather everything and create a database in which the better you are at collecting the more elements you can use. Observe reality.” At Giffoni 50 she also spoke about culture and beauty: “We need to insist on the beauty of being different, young girls are hypnotised by a model that unifies appearances through the use of filters and plastic surgery. The most beautiful years of our life should not be wasted: I wasted time as well in the past, following the idea of resembling something or someone, then I understood that our flaws are our strength".

Talking about culture, Gioli admits that “unfortunately it’s not on trend. Ideally - according to the actress - young people should show their fighting spirit to prove that it’s not like that, that culture is necessary”.