Wednesday, 19 August 2020 17:29

Toyota and Giffoni: a partnership about challenge and mobility

Toyota, which joined the Festival last year to deal with the topic of innovation, now cooperates with Giffoni again in a new project called “Giffoni Impact”. This is the first year of a section about mutual confront and analysis reserved to only 75 teenagers, who will have the opportunity to meet men and women of science, art, culture, theatre, institutions, entrepreneurship, sport and journalism. The president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, granted the patronage to this new section.

The event kicked off with Mauro Caruccio, the Managing Director of Toyota Motor Italia and the Unbreakables, Vanessa Ferrari, Andrea Pusateri and Marco Dolfin, three athletes able to reach very prominent roles notwithstanding past traumas, and Mattia Barbarossa, the youngest aerospace entrepreneur. Mauro Caruccio’s message is about awareness of the necessity of changing paradigm, of shifting dimension, of biting the bullet in case of hardship, and working in order to achieve both a personal and a collective improvement.

Our mission has always involved the duty of giving something back to our communities - said Caruccio on the other hand - There are two Japanese words that I would like to bring to your attention. The first one is kaizen, which indicates the idea of a constant improvement and does not allow settling for anything. The second one is kaikau: sometimes we should be opened to sacrifice and change, because we can improve just by overcoming difficulties and taking a leap forward".