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#Giffoni50, Bryan Cranston and Thea Sharrock: “Kindness is vital”

Good morning and thanks a lot”: Bryan Cranston greets the Sala Trauffault of #Giffoni50, which he already visited in person a couple of years ago. “I wish I could’ve been there in person also this time - said the actor from his Los Angeles home - to celebrate a festival that represents a new generation of young talent who will tell the stories of tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to hearing them. I absolutely loved the atmosphere in Giffoni and I met wonderful people”. The former alumn of the cult TV series Breaking Bad presented the premiere of The One and Only Ivan, a feature film available exclusively on Disney+ from September 11th.

The One and Only Ivan is an unforgettable story about the beauty of friendship, the power of imagination and the meaning of a place you can call home. In the film Cranston plays Mack, the owner of a small circus in a shopping centre, where Ivan the gorilla was bred. Ivan is a 180kg gorilla who shares his cage with Stella, an elephant, Bob, a dog, and other animals in a suburban shopping centre. He only has shreds of memories of the jungle where he was caught, but when a baby elephant named Ruby arrives, something inside him deeply changes. Ruby has recently been separated from her family and her life in the wild. This makes Ivan question his life, the place he comes from and where he would like to be in the end.

Thea Sharrock, the film director, also joined the meeting from her London house: “This festival is unique and special, and I’m so honoured to be a part of it, even though via video call. For me it’s an absolute privilege being able to listen to the immediate reactions and opinions of a young audience. It’s almost as if I were in the same room as you all, I’m feeling a magical sensation that makes me miss Italy even more. I beg you to take care of one another and be safe, which is vital in times like these”.

To the jurors who asked her about the main message of the film – the film is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Katherine Applegate - Sharrock replied - "we don't claim to give all the answers but we want to ask ourselves how we, as human beings, behave with animals. Particularly during the pandemic, watching this film helps us understand that the foundations of a civil society are respect and kindness. If you think of the others before yourself, for example by wearing a mask for the sake of others, you can understand many things. And if the film can convey this message, we are happy". "When I read a screenplay - Cranston concluded - it must strike me on an emotional level, just like in this case. This script struck me because of its themes about friendship and kindness".



May 09, 2022

#Giffoni2022: the first titles in competition

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Body positivity, rebirth, freedom to love without labels, disability, friendship, magic, dreams, family relationships and delicate topics such as bulimia, anorexia and multiple sclerosis: these are just some of the subjects addressed by the first titles…