Wednesday, 19 August 2020 08:44

Films In Competition On August 19th

Sorrow, friendship and pain, but also a spirit of revenge, courage and resourcefulness are the central themes of the films competing today. Starting at 10.00 am, at Sala Galileo, with AUERHOUSE (Germany 2020) by Neele Leana Vollmar. The Generators+18 will get in touch with emotional chaos of four young friends who have to deal with illness, pain, uncertainty and prejudice. At the same time, 10.00 am, at Sala Truffaut, the Generators+16 will judge the film LAST VISIT (Saudi Arabia) by Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan: the conflicting relationship between father and son, intolerance and a search for serenity troubled by pain and death. At 4:30 pm, at Sala Galileo, the Generators+18 will watch GODDESS OF THE FIREFLIES (Canada 2020) by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. A film about Catherine, who goes through adolescence while her parents are getting divorced. She will succeed in not thinking about it because she is too busy dealing with Mélanie Belley, who terrifies her for no reason and climbing the social ladder of her high school by stealing Mélanie’s boyfriend, Pascal. At Sala Truffaut, at 4.30 pm, the Generators+16 will watch JUST KIDS (Switzerland, 2020) by Christophe Blanc: Jack, Lisa and Mathis’ new lives as orphans, three lives that intertwine with one another, with courage, pain and desire of rebirth.


May 09, 2022

#Giffoni2022: the first titles in competition

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Body positivity, rebirth, freedom to love without labels, disability, friendship, magic, dreams, family relationships and delicate topics such as bulimia, anorexia and multiple sclerosis: these are just some of the subjects addressed by the first titles…