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Giffoni@Paestum, music and emotions among the temples with a performance by Giovanni Allevi

And screenings of iconic films until August 14. The director: "Once again we have chosen a place that celebrates the victory of thought

The charm of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, the grace and majesty of the temples of Neptune, Hera and Ceres, the emotion of the National hymn of Mameli and the timeless infinity of Chopin, masterfully executed by Giovanni Allevi, the story of an idea that changed the world: this is how “Giffoni @ Paestum. Together for culture and cinema in Italy ", started: four days of music and cinema, the result of the increasingly solid and prolific collaboration between Giffoni and Paestum, between Claudio Gubitosi and Gabriel Zuchtriegel, director of the Archaeological Park of Velia and Paestum.

«This evening once again - the director Claudio Gubitosi began - we are in a place that celebrates the victory of thought. These days we are giving a new found meaning to the words which were always in the back of my mind when I carried out my experience: it can be done, it must be done. Words that are even more valuable this year in such a dramatic moment. Here, the lighthouse that Giffoni has always represented could not have missed the chance to make its presence be felt ".

«Yesterday in Velia - continued Gubitosi - we entered a time machine. And today we are here, talking about the past, already looking towards the future. What is happening these days is an alchemy and I have obeyed to this fantastic alchemy. Yesterday in Velia and from tonight here in Paestum we will listen to harmonies, we will see colors, we will listen to the beauty of music. From tomorrow there will be films, of the kind that have made the history of Giffoni: in the temples there will be E.T. and then the emotion of "The fleeting moment" up to the beauty of Billy Elliot. We started on July 16th and will run until July 31st next year. At Christmas the protagonists will be the children, families, grandparents. We will do everything in total safety. In recent months we have launched the mantra: Giffoni becomes four. Then I said: five,  six. So I said to myself: Giffoni is happeining and let's not talk about it anymore ».

The honorable Anna Laura Orrico, Undersecretary of State for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism with a responsibility for Cinema was present at the evening. Antonio Andria, deputy mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana participated. The president of the Giffoni Experience, Pietro Rinaldi, did the honors.

Satisfied with the initiative Franco Alfieri, Mayor of Capaccio Paestum: "I want to thank Claudio Gubitosi - he said - for bringing Giffoni here to our city and to our archaeological park. Claudio was a boy who moved the boundary of the impossible. Thinking of such a thing fifty years ago in a reality like Giffoni was truly madness. His lesson to us is that we must learn how to dare ».

An emotional Alfonso Andria, member of the board of directors of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia: "Gubitosi - he declared - wanted to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the festival, starting from the origins of Western thought and civilization. Giffoni arrived in the world and could not pass from the origins of the world to celebrate fifty years. Truffaut called Giffoni the most necessary festival. I must say, without hiding my emotion, that today, after these difficult times in Velia and Paetsum, Giffoni is even more necessary ».

To Giovanni Allevi, from the hands of the Undersecretary Anna Laura Orrico, the # Giffoni50 award, a valuable work by the Scuotto brothers of Naples. "Only Giffoni is able to create these emotions – said the Undersecretary Anna Laura Orrico - A real honor to be here for me to celebrate fifty years of an extraordinary story that has the lightness to look to the future. If there is something which gives meaning to my work, this is Giffoni ".


August 29, 2020

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