Friday, 31 July 2020 12:05

SUL PIÙ BELLO: on august 28 the protagonists of the film will be in #Giffoni50 to premiere the trailer and some exclusive unreleased footage of the film

The Eagle Pictures film will hit theatres in Autumn. Eleonora Gaggero, Ludovica Francesconi, Gaja Masciale, Jozef Gjura, Alfa and director Alice Filippi will meet the Generator + 13 jurors

#Giffoni50:  Eleonora Gaggero, Ludovica Francesconi, Gaja Masciale and Jozef Gjura, Alfa and director Alice Filippi are set to premiere the trailer and some unseen footage of the film SUL PIÙ BELLO for the Generator +13 jurors on August 28. The teen dramedy, set to hit theatres in the Autumn, is produced by Eagle Pictures and directed by Alice Filippi, based on a screenplay by Roberto Proia (Come non detto) and Michela Straniero. The characters of SUL PIU’ BELLO  came to life in the pages of the book of the same name by the influencer and actress Eleonora Gaggero, published by Fabbri Editore. Following the success of her first three novels ("Se è con te, sempre", "L’ultimo respiro", "Dimmi che ci credi anche tu") th artist is among the most loved and appreciated writers of recent years, in addition to being one of the interpreters of the feature film as the protagonist's rival. Meanwhile, from 16 July, the new single from Alfa is available on all digital platforms "SuL Più BeLLo", the title track created specifically for the film. The debut film by Filippi after the documentary '78 – Va piano ma vinci nominated for the 2018 David di Donatello, tells of the story of the very young girl, Marta (Ludovica Francesconi) who since birth has suffered from a rare genetic disease and is looking for a love that can turn her life upside down. Despite everything, Marta is the sunniest girl you have ever known. With an overwhelming character she seems to be in a hurry to do everything immediately. At 19, like every girl of her age, she dreams of great love but she is not one who is satisfied and before her illness degenerates she wants to be told "I love you" by a beautiful boy ... the most beautiful of all. Her friends and roommates Jacopo (Jozef Gjura) and Federica (Gaja Masciale) are her family and every time they do everything possible to dissuade her from aiming too high. Until at a party Marta sees Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio) beautiful, confident and completely unreachable for her. In other words: the perfect prey. But as faithful friends prepare to manage yet another disappointment, she feels that this time things will go differently even if she has to deal with Beatrice (Eleonora Gaggero), a feared rival who will try to ruin her love plan.