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GIFFONI@PAESTUM: Together in the name of Italy, culture and cinema #Giffoni50 to be unveiled on August 10 in Velia

From the 11th to the 14th in the Archaeological Area of Paestum cult movies and an exclusive performance by Giovanni Allevi who is set to open this special edition of the Giffoni Film Festival

#Giffoni50 is set to restart from the classical world and from the roots of its territory. First stop in the ancient Velia, in Ascea, where the 2020 edition of the Festival will be streamed live on Monday 10 August at 6.00 pm. The founder and director Claudio Gubitosi will unveil - with the participation of a delegation of giffoners -  the premieres, films in competition, master classes, Italian and foreign hubs connected through the internet, Italian and international talent who will be at the side of the kids for this special edition, together with the protagonists of the social, cultural and political scene of the country.
After the greetings of the director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia Gabriel Zuchtriegel, of the mayors of Ascea, Pietro D'Angiolillo, of Giffoni Valle Piana, Antonio Giuliano and of the president of the Giffoni Experience, Pietro Rinaldi, the philosopher, prof. Giuseppe Cantillo, and the sociologist, prof. Domenico De Masi, guests will be invited to visit the ancient city of Velia. From 11 to 14 August, the beauty of the temples of Paestum, land of the gods, an immortal and timeless place, will be the natural set for a number of film and music shows dedicated to the history of our civilization. Just a few days before the official launch of the festival, which will start on August 18, the archaeological area will host a concert by the extraordinary composer and pianist Giovanni Allevi and the screening of films symbolizing Giffoni's relationship with cinema: the iconic ET, related inextricably to the always dear to the festival figure of the Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi and BILLY ELLIOT by Stephen Daldry.
"The Giffoni idea walks through the streets of the world, but has its feet firmly planted in the land where it was born - explains Gubitosi - It has firm roots and its fate would not have been the same, had it not maintained a very strong connection with the territory where took its first steps. That's why I like to say that Giffoni is a beautiful Italian story, a beautiful Campania story. So we thought of a new highly suggestive path, an opportunity for an open-air confrontation, a certainty of ideas and reflections because without “thought” we are nothing and it is from thought that everything is born. Just like Giffoni, which is mainly an idea that, over the years, has become a festival and thus a cultural enterprise, the largest in the South, among the most important in Italy and in the world".
Choosing Velia was not by chance: here Parmenides founded his school and theorized the “Being”. It is therefore a symbolic place for Giffoni's new cultural geometry, which aims to spread the power of thought, philosophy and values ​​more and more among the younger generations. The same goes for Paestum, the cradle of our civilization and a place capable of nurturing the ancient dialogue with our modern world.
This confirms a very precious collaboration for us, the one with the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia, through the realization of these splendid cooperations and co-productions. This means giving life to a network that is both meaningful for the territory and useful for the local community - continued Gubitosi - These are the cultural policies capable of affecting the fate of an area, determining its growth and development. In perfect line with the guidelines set by the Minister for Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini. This combination of Giffoni and the Archaeological Park started last year thanks to my empathy with the director Gabriel Zuchtriegel, who is masterfully at the helm".
"I believe that all of us should commit to transforming the terrible experience of the health crisis into an opportunity for cultural and environmental change and innovation - adds the director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia, Gabriel Zuchtriegel - With the reopening of the park on May 18 , all the staff worked hard to give families, young people and children a chance to regain a piece of normalcy after the first phase of the emergency. Now, with the same commitment, we are pleased to be able to give substance to the Minister , Dario Franceschini’s plea to support the cinema sector, which was strongly affected by the crisis. This is the time to make our fruitful collaboration with Giffoni even stronger. Therefore, 'together in the name of Italy, culture and cinema 'is not rhetoric, but a synthesis of what Claudio Gubitosi and I, together with our collaborators, feel we have to do at this moment, where theater, literature, music, contemporary art and research must be added to cinema. To think that art and culture are a luxury that can wait for better times, in my opinion, means to not fully understand what a crisis is, a word that derives from the Greek krisis, 'turning point, decision'. We hope to be able to contribute to a positive change, especially for future generations". In Paestum on 11 August, the greetings from the mayor Franco Alfieri and the director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia Gabriel Zuchtriegel, will be followed by a special screening of the celebratory video of #Giffoni50; The video traces the history of the festival. The night will continue with a live performance by composer and pianist Giovanni Allevi in a new and suggestive area of ​​the Archaeological Park which, will host a concert. for the first time ever.
A journey through the history and treasures of the Campania region which will culminate in October, in the National Archaeological Museum of Pontecagnano directed by Luigina Tomay, where master classes and workshops will be organized.


August 10, 2020

#GIFFONI50 is here: the program

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Velia, 10 August 2020 - #Giffoni50 becomes four and their program is “a true hymn to joy”, claimed Festival founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi.