Monday, 25 May 2020 12:52

Innovation, culture and creativity: tomorrow 9 giffoners will have the opportunity to talk to the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

The event will be streaming live, on the official Giffoni media channels, at 4.00 pm

To offer an opportunity for dialogue in a moment in which the European Union is tasked with finding a key for sustainable development where culture, innovation and education have a platform to express themselves: this is the meaning behind the meeting between 9 International giffoners and the European CommissionerMariya Gabriel  organized by the Giffoni Innovation Hub.
The event is planned for tomorrow starting at 4.00 pm and will be streamed live. A webinar during which a group of youth aged bewteen 15 and 25 , will have the opportunity to talk about their future. They are: Leona Jarikj (15, North Macedonia), Stefani Dimitrova (17, Bulgaria), Adrián Sánchez Martínez (19, Spain), Leonardo Venturi (20, Italy), Benedetta Torre (22, Italy), Arvid Scott (19, Sweden), Matteo Palumbo (20, Italy), Alessandra Stauder (25, Italy) and Domenico Benvenuto (24, Italy).

The call will be streamed live on all the Giffoni Opportunity Social media channels. 



Born in 1979, Mariya Gabriel was elected as a member of the European Parliament with the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party in the 2009 European elections, after she joined the Group of the European People's Party she was  re-elected in subsequent elections, from 2014 to 2017 and acted as the  vice-president of the popular parliamentary group. On 10 May 2017 she was proposed by the Bulgarian government as Bulgaria's European Commissioner, thus becoming Commissioner for the digital agenda, with many "connections" with culture: from the copyright directive to the online exhibition Heritage at Risk by Europeana, just to name a few.


July 25, 2021

The new impossible missions of PAW Patrol’s puppies

Category: #Giffoni50Plus 25 July
It was the costume characters of Chase and Marshall, the protagonists of the feature film PAW Patrol, who presented to the young jurors in the Sala Sordi the preview of the film, to be released in cinemas from September 23.