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A bridge with Albania, Gubitosi: "I invite Premier Edi Rama to Giffoni"

Skype call with Erion Veliaj, young Mayor of Tirana: "We have Italy in our hearts. The arrival of our thirty doctors is a sign of gratitude for your hospitality and welcome. This is how the new Europe works". Director Gubitosi: "we will hold a beautiful event to celebrate our fifty years in Piazza Scanderbeg”.
«Giffoni has the great merit of creating bridges, new bridges between people and nations. The new Europe will be built precisely on these bridges. Giffoni is training the future ruling class and when the Giffoners will become leaders in their own sector  they shall not forget these bridges». These are the words of Erion Veliaj, the very young Mayor of Tirana, in a Skype call with the director of Giffoni Opportunity, Claudio Gubitosi, for a talk that is part of the #GiffoniaUnMetroDaTe campaign. And a very solid bridge is the one that connects Italy and Albania in these days with the arrival of the thirty Albanian doctors in support of the Italian Coronavirus emergency and the heartfelt words of Prime Minister Edi Rama that will remain among the most powerful messages of solidarity of this pandemic.
Erion Veliaj is very popular in Giffoni where he has been highly appreciated for his charisma. And Albania is in the heart of Giffoni: in 1985, the first Albanian film festival was presented to the world by Giffoni to give an international showcase to the creativity and cinematographic culture of this country.
«In this moment in time - said Claudio Gubitosi - Albania has given us a beautiful lesson in civilization and humanity. When all this will be over, we will hold one of the most important events of our # Giffoni50 tour in Tirana. I have already communicated this to the Foreign Minister, Di Maio. We will do it in the beautiful Scanderbeg square with the involvement of universities and schools. It will be a beautiful event. And as  between us and Albania there is a bridge that unites us, Albania will be in Giffoni. We will invite Prime Minister Edi Rama and it will also be an opportunity to present an art exhibition with his works. Rama is a highly appreciated artist that we want to learn more about».
The mayor Veliaj echoes him: «I am aware that our country has very limited possibilities but I believe that there is no other country as Italianophile as us. I remember very well the fall of Communism in Albania and those ships as big as mountains that plied the waters of Puglia. We cannot forget the welcome and hospitality that we received from Italy. In this war we are living against the virus, the decision to send thirty doctors aimed to give public evidence to this feeling of gratitude towards Italy. All Albanians are very proud of it. It is a bit like the parable of the poor widow's offering: we have done the best we can. When I see that very large countries do practically nothing and modest nations do everything they can, it reminds me of this story of the Bible. We have this relationship with Italy: we don't spare what we have in the name of this friendship».
What will be left of this world affair? For Erion Veliaj the creative impulses that this phase is urging will remain: «What we are experiencing - he explained - is a crisis but it can also be a great opportunity. I am experiencing an extraordinary growth in online creativity. After this war we will see fantastic works suggested precisely by this complicated phase. The advice I would like to give is to use this opportunity so that creativity can find free rein because this pandemic will enter the history books and we can remember it for this, as a creative opportunity. And then as a great moment of solidarity that involves the whole population. Above all, we must help our grandparents. For young people it is a great opportunity to be on the from line of this war that we are fighting  together».


August 10, 2020

#GIFFONI50 is here: the program

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Velia, 10 August 2020 - #Giffoni50 becomes four and their program is “a true hymn to joy”, claimed Festival founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi.