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Web and social to present the artwork of #Giffoni50: a reinterpretation of "the school of Athens" by Raffaello for a new found Humanism

The work bears the signature of artist Federica D’Ambrosio. Director Gubitosi: “Symphony of the new world that awaits us. Thought will save us. Let's get rid of what's superfluous."
The current phase undoubtedly heralds a general change in lifestyles, in the way of thinking and acting, in values ​​and priorities. Once the mayhem will be over everything will be different. And in a different and in some ways innovative way, Giffoni presents their artwork, the one that will mark the fiftieth edition of the Festival and, above all the fiftieth year of life of an idea, an intuition, a thought that has become reality. Once again and now more than ever Giffoni wants to be close to their community, to the kids and families, to the grandparents and to all the giffoners. The presentation of the 50th anniversary artwork therefore uses all the active channels and all the platforms with which Giffoni interacts with their community all over the world. A choral rite, linked to the current situation, once again turned upside down and experienced as an extraordinary opportunity. It is, in reality, a change that Giffoni was already prepared for and that they had already sensed through the ambitious challenge of Verde Giffoni. The next step is entrusted to the artwork that intends to represent this new phase, to tell about this new chapter, to evoke new opportunities through the tool that has allowed mankind to progress over the course of history, thought.
"Terra" closes the trilogy of elements, launched two years ago with Acqua, and with Aria last year. And the Earth is right at the center of the reflections of these days: will men, those same men who have abused the planet, who have distorted its rhythms and cycles change? Earth recovers everything and imposes a change. The image chosen for # Giffoni50 stems from this idea. It was created by artist Federica D’Ambrosio. It is a reinterpretation of the School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio. An obviously not accidental choice that falls exactly five hundred years after the the great Renaissance artist passed away. Beatrice, bearer of the Earth makes an appearance to bring the world, nature, the course of events, respect for the environment as a precondition for the survival of creation, at the center of the thoughts of the sages . The Giffoni School wants to be the first step for a new humanism that focuses on thought, on the essence of things, on the being. Chromatically all this is expressed by the color green.
It is the new, ambitious challenge of Giffoni - declares the founder and director of Giffoni, Claudio Gubitosi - Green is a color that has always been a symbol of hope. And we have the duty to give hope to young people, hope in a better world, a world that can welcome them and where they can freely carry out their life experience. Verde Giffoni, in this new version, therefore becomes food for a new forma mentis, a new way of life, abandoning all that is superfluous. A new platform to share experiences and thoughts. A real revolution that will accompany Giffoni for the next twenty years and this artwork represents a symphony of the new world that awaits us ".«"It is - adds director Gubitosi - first of all a philosophical and humanistic approach, a tool that helps thoughts become concrete facts, and helps them to be translated into real gestures, into actions that testify to its strength and incisiveness. Starting from # Giffoni50 where this new approach will be visible, perceptible, sensitive. It is no coincidence that we have chosen three symbolic places of thought to present the 2020 Giffoni program : Cuma, with its Antro della Sibilla, in the heart of the Campi Flegrei, pearl of Magna Grecia; the National Archaeological Museum of Pontecagnano Faiano, a few kilometers from Giffoni, custodian of the most ancient roots and testimonies of their historically relevant position in Campania; and finally Velia, cradle of the Eleatic school, home of Parmenides, the theorist of being. It is only through thought that revolutions begin. Because revolutions always start from an idea, capable of changing behaviors, gestures, actions ».«Nature claims its supremacy - says the artist Federica D’Ambrosio in illustrating the artwork conceived and created for Giffoni - by sending us clear signals, but we are unable to listen to them because we have lost our humanity. Within the confused vortex we find the serenity of the sages; the deep nave opens to the viewer in a calm stillness, in which men resume the rhythms that Nature begs us to find. Outside the scene the Earth watches on meaning that perhaps there will be new hope for humanity. Beatrice looks beyond the muddle and brings the Earth back to the center of the sages’ thoughts. By returning to the past, without this being regression, we will project ourselves into the only possible future».


August 10, 2020

#GIFFONI50 is here: the program

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Velia, 10 August 2020 - #Giffoni50 becomes four and their program is “a true hymn to joy”, claimed Festival founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi.