Friday, 20 March 2020 16:11

An echo of joy: Shostakovich's Waltz No.2 plays in Italy and abroad, an hymn to rebirth comes from the giffoners

There is a light that never stops shining. And it does so thanks to simple gestures that are full of love and passion and are capable of crossing any distance even the biggest one. The giffoners stay at home but united by the same melody that has become their theme. It’s the music that everyone who has ever been to Giffoni has learnt to love over the years and that embodies the pure energy and joy of the Festival, with clapping hands that meet in unison. The appointment - about ten days after the lockdown that called for an act of responsibility, and changed the habits of each one of us - is not in the squares or parks, but on balconies, terraces and windows. At 18.30 yesterday evening (Thursday 19 March) everyone on their own but together in spirit on the notes of Waltz n.2 by Shostakovich (the acronym of the Giffoni Film Festival).
And the result is a melody, the same for every neighborhood and city, which crosses the borders from North to South, with views and interpretations that change according to the longitudes. Between the roofs of the Italian capital, the notes vibrate, whilst in Turin youth launch themselves into cello solos, in Novigrad we see photos of the festival in the background of a room while the music plays . Saxophones, flutes, pianos appear in honor of Giffoni and the performances of the Giffoners are the testimony of the affection for an idea that continues to keep them united. The notes of a viola spread from a living room, while from another room a blond-haired girl is busy painting while the waltz continues to play. And how can you not get excited at the sight of a four year old boy playing drums with spoons? Or in front of two 10-year-old jurors  with a four-handed performance on the piano?
There are also those who dance, perhaps struggling and stepping on a few feet, but who cares? When there is love, everything  is forgiven. No, it's not a TV series. It is the desire to go on, filling the spaces of this waiting game, hoping for things to get better for everyone. For this reason, the balconies of Italy, in addition to being noisy, are now even more colorful: the rainbow sheets that already wished for "everything will be all right", are joined by the T-shirts of the jurors of Giffoni worn with pride. And, at 18.30 sharp,  from the window of the Multimedia Valley, also the director of Giffoni Opportunity, Claudio Gubitosi, makes an appearance, giving way to the notes of Shostakovich that flooded the country, to the applause of the citizens on the balconies. A message of hope that echoes, even reaching Poland, Spain, France, England, North Macedonia, Albania, Canada, Sweden, the United States (just to name a few countries that have responded to the appeal). Thousands of stories that, yesterday, on social media were able to move us, giving life  to strong emotions. The videos will compose an audiovisual story that will be presented during the 50th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, so to relive together one of the most intense moments in our history.