Tuesday, 18 February 2020 16:24

Giffoni is a worldwide case study. The Research from the University of Salerno and George Washington University has finally been published

The business case will be promoted and presented to the international academic world. It launches on February 24th from Pavia. The focus is on the transformation of the territory activated by the Giffoni Film Festival in the transition from “Experience” to “Opportunity”.

"This is a very important year for us, being the fiftieth anniversary, and it could not have started any better. Now it's official: Giffoni is a case study of the most important management universities in the world. The study, which dealt with the uniqueness of our history, our evolution, the production and employment dynamics that were activated in recent years, the transformation of the territory and its vocations, our ability to never lose the feeling of belonging  to the territory and its identity, the peculiarity of being a source of attraction for many generations, has been published in the Sage Case Library and is now available to the world academic community. It is a source of great pride for me, as you can imagine. I like to see this flattering result as an opportunity for redemption for the South, an area that wants to stand out by focusing on the strength of its ideas and its excellences. Another piece that makes Giffoni once again a unique case in the world". This was announced by Claudio Gubitosi, founder and director of Giffoni Opportunity.

"Giffoni Film Festival: how to transform a rural area into an innovative cluster of creative industries", this is the title of the study just published in the Sage Case Library. The study is the result of an attentivel work conducted by Professor Roberto Parente, director of the LISA Lab of the University of Salerno, and by Professor Ayman El Tarabishy, ​​professor of management at George Washington University and director of the International network ICSB - International Council for Small Business.

The research lasted over two years and therefore took place also during the festival, through extensive and articulated interviews, but also though the American missions of the director Gubitosi and his team in October 2018. Following a long activity of reflection, writing and elaboration of the study up to the official publication. The research is now offered as a contribution to those who have the desire to deepen the Giffoni experience, the unique case of an idea that continues in the action of transforming a territory through culture, creativity, innovation

Any Academic activity fills up with meaning and becomes fruitful if it has the opportunity to be conveyed and promoted and such is the Giffoni case. The first presentation is scheduled for February 24 at the University of Pavia. In fact, a meeting will be promoted by the Department of Economic and Business Sciences of the Lombard University entitled "From the Film Festival to the Multimedia Valley". After the greetings from Professor Giampaolo Azzoni, Vicar Pro-Rector of the University of Pavia, there will be  reports of Claudio Gubitosi, founder and director of Giffoni Opportunity, and Luca Tesauro, CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub. Then Professor Roberto Parente, will illustrate the case conducted together with the George Washington University. The meeting will be moderated by Professor Flavio Ceravolo of the University of Pavia.

This is the first stop. Another will follow in Rome in the coming weeks. But the idea is to bring the study to numerous universities around the world to give emphasis to a research that has sought to deepen the ability to affect the development and growth mechanisms of an Italian territory, of a piece of Southern Italy , of a location in the hinterland of Campania that has been able to speak to the whole world.

The research which consists of three chapters was meticulous. It starts from the Festival, from its genesis with an in-depth analysis addressed to its founder, Claudio Gubitosi, dedicating an in-depth analysis to the personal story of the creator of Giffoni, to the intuition of fifty years ago, to the social context in which he moved, to the constancy in carrying it forward up to fifty year anniversary milestone. Then the study on the format, on the evolution that has made it a permanent activity with daily activities made possible thanks to a constantly growing infrastructure: from the Citadel of Cinema to the Multimedia Valley. And finally a focus on the relationship between the festival and the local community of reference that has made Giffoni a lever for development, an engine of innovation, a spark of creativity and cultural promotion. The research ends with references to the crucial passages in the history of Giffoni: Experience up to Opportunity and with the birth of Giffoni Innovation Hub which opens Giffoni to other worlds and other areas: from new technologies to socially charged issues.

"Giffoni is a case of Italian excellence of Social Entrepreneurship - said Professor Roberto Parente - there are conditions for an innovation eco-system capable of creating employment and economic development in the territory in which this idea was born. With this initiative we have involved the international community of Entrepreneurship scholars in the discussion on how to make Giffoni Opportunity's vision concrete ".