Wednesday, 12 February 2020 13:01

Cult and Music&Radio: Here are the #Giffoni50 Masterclasses

An antidote to dispersion - intended as a loss of stimuli, resources, values ​​- and a passe-partout for those occasions that Giffoni aims to mark: this is the mission of the brand new Masterclasses that will make a comeback, thanks to great make-over, for the 50th edition of the Festival, scheduled from 16 to 25 July 2020. This confirms Giffoni's plan to create "Opportunities" for the many young people who feel part of this great cultural industry. A project, which does not end with the festival, but rather expands in the daily life of the children, accompanying them in a path of personal and professional growth, providing food for thought, and helping them with the choices that they often  make with uncertainty.
It is a concept, in constant evolution, born in 2009 to answer to a specific need: to create a proposal aimed at collecting the talents, intelligence and creativity emerging from the juries of the Giffoni Film FestivalThere are two sections where you can register:

CULT dedicated to 120 boys and girls, aged 18 to 30, passionate about cinema and entertainment. The section collects the historical legacy of the project, which has always been devoted to deepening the knowledge of cinema, literature and art. Cult today reinforces the organized workshop by proposing, every morning, four different classes where the participants can experiment in areas strictly connected to the world of audiovisual: digital film production, photography, basic and serial screenplay are the proposed and integrated labs with the collaboration of experts. A way to cultivate your talent and test your artistic vocation, a fascinating way to appear on the work scene.

MUSIC&RADIO dedicated to 100 boys and girls, between 16 and 30 years old, who want to make a living with music. Masterclass Music & Radio is for young people who want to to meet professionals, technicians and experts, journalists and critics, authors, network directors, music producers. The masterclassers also have the opportunity to talk to singers, conductors, bands and composers. Three labs designed for this section: music for cinema, music journalism, radio organization.

The masterclasses will all be held in italian. For more information:

A maximum of 220 youth can participate in the two sections, but big surprises are on the horizon. A new and stimulating project meets the ambitious challenges represented in the past years by the Eco and Connect Masterclasses: Impact is coming. At the center are current and contemporary issues, ethical issues, the debate on the values ​​and challenges of innovation. Everything that impacts on today's life will find space in this completely new kaleidoscope that will see the light in #Giffoni50.