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50 years of Giffoni: From the Festival to the activities that will lead to 2030

#Giffoni50 was presented this morning, in the aula magna of the historic high school "Torquato Tasso" of Salerno: the impressive program of initiatives that Giffoni Opportunity will carry out to celebrate this important milestone, scheduled from 16 to 25 July 2020. Giffoni Opportunity Director, Claudio Gubitosi, and the head teacher Carmela Santarcangelo were present at the conference. The assembly hall was crowded with excited students alongside the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Salerno, Tonia Willburger, the regional councilor Franco Picarone and the deputy mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana Antonio Andria, along with a delegation of law enforcement officers, including Sebastiano Barbato lieutenant colonel of the Guardia di Finanza, Commander Danilo Petruccelli and Andrea Semboloni, the Provincial Commander of the Carabinieri of the Company of Salerno, Gianluca Trombetti.
"Today is a special day and I am proudly excited that we are approaching the expected 2020 date, which is the year of the fiftieth anniversary of Giffoni. An incredible anniversary for those who can understand the strength and sacrifice that lies behind this idea that has become loved and known throughout the world. Once again we have chosen an emblematic place of Salerno, the "Tasso" high school that has been frequented over the years by many giffoners - Gubitosi explained - 2019 was a very busy year, full of activities. It is a must to close these twelve months in the name of great beauty, retrace the steps and try to convey the emotions. We are now in the era of Giffoni Opportunity. Because this is what we want to continue doing, to offer opportunities. We will do it in 2021 when we plan to have  three hundred young people working in Giffoni  which will be the home of the innovative and creative projects that we will put in place shortly thereafter. We also give the talents that come to us an opportunity to be normal for a day. And we also give an opportunity to all who  support us of being invested by the beauty and energy of our children".
And the head teacher also spoke of beauty: "Giffoni is an idea that has branched out and built on the desire to make young people grow in splendor - added headmaster Santarcangelo - Giffoni works to make beauty possible in our lives. Thanks to Claudio Gubitosi who chose our headquarters to share the story of these first fifty years. The hope is that his energy may reach me so that through my work he can contribute to allow the youth of this high school to live surrounded by beauty. Giffoni has done so much for the "Tasso" and for the city of Salerno, acting as a flywheel for the entire territory".
For the commissioner Willburger, "it is a huge pride to be able to talk, listen, be here and give our support to this extraordinary event. Giffoni had the great merit of linking culture with education through school involvement - he explained - This reality has long understood how culture can be the future and an opportunity for work ". The advisor Picarone echoes: "This is a festival projected towards the future - he commented - We often see the dispersion of resources in many streams. Giffoni is the demonstration that concentrating important investments in a project capable of generating effects beyond the territorial boundaries is the winning choice. The Region is very close to Giffoni, also in terms of innovation because start-ups are an opportunity for young people who leave the world of education to look out for the jobs”.
The deputy mayor of Giffoni spoke of pride, emphasizing how the Picentini area has become "a symbol of inclusion and contamination. Now in the world the word Giffoni is associated with the festival".
Accompanied by the applause of his fellow students, Mario Falcone, a student of  the Tasso and one of the 50 ambassadors of Italy called to represent Giffoni in the world, took the floor: “I have been attending the festival since the age of 12 and the films I saw there have always accompanied me in my growth path - he said - I am happy to be able to transfer my commitment and my passion into such an important project”.
The meeting was divided into four parts: through the presentation of a video, the director Gubitosi told a year of activity, Then, with the help of slides, he anticipated the main novelties of Giffoni50, Giffoni 20-30 and of the festival. Several times the crowd in attendance cheered  to welcome the new proposals that were illustrated. In closing, Gubitosi called a delegation of giffoners from the Tasso high school on stage to close with the sentence: "What begins here improves the world".


Road to 50 Italy. Giffoni will be present in many Italian cities with activities and special events organized also with the support of our Ambassadors. We will be in Taurianova, Carrara, Codigoro, Pontecagnano Faiano, Roccapiemonte, Bergamo, Perugia, Battipaglia, Campagna, San Cipriano Picentino, Cittanova, Tropea, Vinchiaturo, San Donà di Piave, Cava de 'Tirreni, Pescara, Naples, Salerno, Vietri Sul Mare , Rome, Trieste, Trecase, Potenza, Pellezzano, Riva Ligure, Matera, Corigliano Calabro, Trento, Rozzano, Baronissi, Catania, Ceggia, San Vito of Taranto, Montecorvino Pugliano, Pesaro, Genzano di Roma, Cosenza, Siena, Milan, Florence , Terranova di Pollino, Sibari, Genoa, Arona, Nuoro, Palermo, Tonara, Orgosolo, Sarmede, Sicignano degli Alburni, Roccapiemonte and Riccione.
Road to 50 Int. Activities will intensify in our international hubs and many new countries will host Giffoni Idea, including: Brazil (Maricà, Indian village), Skopje (Macedonia), Tirana (Albania), the Giffoni idea including Doh( Qatar), Toronto (Canada ), Tokyo (Japan), Washington (USA), Lund (Sweden), Valletta (Malta), Tbilisi (Georgia), Warsaw (Poland), Gijon (Spain), Locarno (Switzerland), Beirut (Lebanon), Belgrade ( Serbia), Minsk (Belarus), Busan (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), Athens (Greece). We will propose other important activities in collaboration with the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, promoted by Pope Francis and active throughout the world, to spread the education of the culture of encounter.
Creative Weeks. A new format will make space in the annual programming: Creative Weeks arrive, weekends of reflection and study open to all. It starts with Creative Week University: a comparison with the Rectors, the Directors of the departments and the Teachers of Universities with whom Giffoni has already started collaborations and with the Universities with whom new agreements are in progress. We continue with Creative Week Territory with the participation of all the mayors of the 50 municipalities in which we will be present in 2020. In particular, with the first citizens of the Picentini, the Family Residence project will be launched, dedicated to hospitality spread throughout the year. Moreover, a conference will be organized under the title "Giffoni Paese - Images of a possible future" to involve institutions, schools, the political world and the professions in an open dialogue on the projects to be implemented for the development of the area. Creative Week International Hub, on the other hand, will focus on all the collaborations with foreign organizations, both those already active and those to be defined in the next year. The occasion will also serve to outline common strategies to increasingly qualifed activities aimed at children and young people, also at an innovative level. The last meeting will be dedicated to the cultural realities of the province of Salerno and the Campania region for greater cooperation and to develop common strategies. This meeting was born after the stimuli received in November during the States General of Culture in Campania.
Giffoni School. The relationship with Italian educational institutions is steadily growing. We will launch a study week dedicated to Giffoni, while for Italy there will be the Giffoni Day, scheduled for 20 November 2020. This activity will be promoted and coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Research. Even the Movie Days, the days of cinema reserved for schools, will have a specific space dedicated to Giffoni 50 with interactive workshops, games and competitions. Environment, migration, the reality of young people in the South, identity and the right to work, will be the main themes of the proposed films that join the commitment to legality and the fight against drugs and crime. On the school front, after the incredible success of the first edition of the School Experience, which ended on December 13 in Palermo with the participation of over 10 thousand students in the various events, we will be busy, in 2020, in Campania, Sicily and Basilicata for the second edition of the traveling festival. This project is carried out in collaboration with Miur and Mibact.
University. The study that will be made available to all the Universities of the world is ready. This project was carried out by the University of Salerno, Professor Roberto Parente of the Department of Business Sciences - Management & Innovation Systems, and professor Ayman El Tarabishy of the George Washington University. After more than two years of work, Giffoni becomes a case history in all the universities of the world. An extraordinary event that has no equal in Italy. Moreover, with the University of Salerno and the Department of Business Sciences, professor Carmen Gallucci and other professors have undertaken a scientific study on the value of the Giffoni brand, both economically and socially, analyzing the relapse that the Festival produces on the territory.
Unesco. The 50 years of Giffoni are now a story known and recognized throughout the world for its uniqueness, values ​​and specificity. The territory and the idea have walked together, welcoming millions of young people and offering many generations educational, cultural and social opportunities. For all these reasons, being now a universal heritage, UNESCO will be asked to count it among the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
Program 2020. The entire 2020 program, in January, will be presented and reviewed by the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca; by the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli; by the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism, Dario Franceschini; by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio; by the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion, Giuseppe Provenzano; by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza; by the Minister of Education, Lorenzo Fioramonti and the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa.
Aura. Targeted and specific activities will be promoted by Aura, the social side of Giffoni, both with the realities of Campania and of other areas in Italy. Being close to children, young people and families experiencing particular hardships is a duty but also a privilege for Giffoni. The activities we will promote throughout Italy also mark this path dedicated to the suburbs and cultural poverty. Giffoni has always done so for the less fortunate youth. The collaboration with the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome is now legendary and, by 2020, Giffoni is also going to collaborate witho the Santobono-Pausilipon Hospital in Naples, the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Genoa and the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence.
About Giffoni. The video factory will be involved in the production and realization of # Giffoni50: the Film, a passionate story of the idea and its path from the 70s to today. An animation film will also be made for children, with the aim of showing the story of Giffoni to children. The program also includes Giffoni Best Movies 1971 - 2019, with this initiative 5 films that have marked the history of the Festival will return to theatres. But Giffoni is also a story to be shown on TV. A format is therefore ready to be pitched to the national, public and private networks for the production of a television fiction entitled I ragazzi di Giffoni, entirely shot in the Picentini area and in the province of Salerno. Soon a call will be launched by Giffoni  to find young and talented scriptwriters able to carry out this important project.
Publications. Four special publications dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary. An official book on its history. A photographic book created with Mondadori Electa. A graphic novel and a pamphlet for schools.
Logo # Giffoni50. A contest will be published, not only for graphic studies, but also for artistic institutes in Italy. A scholarship will be made available to the winner.
Stamp. The request for the issue of a commemorative stamp was forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Development within the time allowed by law.
The streets of the cinema. Getting to Giffoni will never be the same again. In the courtyards, in the squares, on the facades of the buildings of the town, illustrative works, murals and installations will be made. Free imagination to the world of cinema and Giffoni's dreams: at the entrance of the town, visitors will be welcomed by a large colourful panel with the words "You're about to enter a wonderful town". The Italian Art Academies will also participate in the project.
Giffoni Special Weekend. Throughout 2020, two very special appointments will be established. The first is dedicated to all those who have contributed to making Giffoni what it is today. The second, will see the participation of many jurors, now adults, fathers and in some cases even grandparents, who participated in the first editions of the Festival. A homecoming because giffoners is forever.
Theatrical pieces. Five events, from Monday to Friday, to tell about the first decades. To tell this story will be the founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi. A format with videos, images and stories that Gubitosi will take throughout Italy. Who could do this if not him? He will also be accompanied by young actresses and actors to discover the little stories that only he knows and that have made the Giffoni Idea great.
Grandparents' farm. One of the novelties of 2020 will be the grandparents' farm. If it is natural that Giffoni calls young people specialized in different disciplines, it may seem odd to some that a call is reserved for grandparents. They will be busy during the festival to support the Giffoni team and during the year they will perform various activities. Giffoni intends to enhance, promote and thank family figures that are so important in the lives of children and young people.

FESTIVAL - 16/25 JULY 2020

Dates. The festival is scheduled from 16 to 25 July.
One more day for a special year. 10 intense days will involve 6500 jurors from 50 and more nations and an audience of about 400 thousand participants. A great new result to satisfy 300 more kids than the 2019 edition.
The films. 150 films that will be presented in the various sections of the Festival. At least 10 previews will be presented, among the most anticipated of the season, in collaboration with the Italian and international majors. 2020 is also the year that concludes the cycle dedicated to nature and the environment. A trilogy that started two years ago with the theme of Water, last year with that of Air and, in 2020, with the Planet and its preservation. Marathons and special events, always followed by a large number of families and not just jurors, will mark this important cultural choice. Not only that, in the Multimedia rooms, it will be possible to review some of the films that have made the history of Giffoni from the 70s to today.
Talent. Seven international talents of the highest level, with some returns that have marked memorable editions of Giffoni, will be joined by no less than 50 Italian guests. Actors, directors, but also some Academy Awards and Nobel Prize winners. People who have marked the history of this era with their experiences.
Multimedia tunnel. Another novelty will concern the immersion in the history of Giffoni through a multimedia tunnel, positioned between the Multimedia Valley and the Cittadella del Cinema. Everyone will be captured by a full immersion of images. There will also be a space where you can see some of the most important original and unique documents related to the Festival from '71 to today.
The Masterclasses. In addition to the historic Cult, dedicated to cinema, and to the Music & Radio format, the Connect and Eco sections will be joined together: the Masterclass Impact is born, reserved for 200 young people, aged between 18 and 30, who will be offered actions and projects with a high social, cultural, scientific and environmental impact. The goal is to make them become active actors of change: they are the future impacters that will guide them.
Music. The space dedicated to music is now one of the strengths of Giffoni's cultural proposal. Live performances of the best Italian artists, open to all, will brighten up magical evenings. New concept also for the Street Fest reserved for children, families and all those who want to have fun. They will deal with the spaces of the village with elegance and respect, they will return to tell stories in the courtyards and fairy tales. They will also be made available to budding writers, dreamers and poets with speaker corners where everyone will be able to give voice to their creativity.


16 ways to say Hello. Numerous projects and activities will accompany the new Giffoni 20-30 course. One of the central themes will be cultural poverty through the project "16 ways to say Hello", carried out together with the Foundation with the South. The four-year initiative will be hosted in Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Sardinia and Veneto . The project will feature 5,000 youth and over 500 figures from the educating community. This very important project that sees Giffoni as leader with many other third sector organizations, will be presented in Naples next January with the participation of the President of the Foundation with the South, Carlo Borgomeo.
Giffoni4kids. Giffoni Innovation proudly inaugurates the birth of the first twenty startups and the great Giffoni4kids project. This is the first program dedicated to startups in the kids field. We will improve the lives of children and young people around the world, through the support and development of initiatives with great social impact.
Cultural Institutes abroad. The international network is strengthened with the 80 Italian Cultural Institutes abroad. We will collaborate to promote more and more the study of the Italian language in the world with specific cinematographic and cultural activities. This project will take place in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
National Film School. In the Multimedia Valley the procedures are ready to assign Giffoni an important public role in training. The objective is the opening of a branch of the National Film School for the fields of scriptwriting, animation and documentary. The venue is ready and in 2021 the first courses will start for students from all over Italy.
New departments are born. The existing structures and those that will be ready in 2022 will allow to open new opportunities and realize new brands such as Giffoni Formazione and Giffoni Danza. 2020 will already see the activity of Giffoni Eventi, a department that will be called to promote different initiatives throughout the year.
Training. Maximum commitment to invite students to better education. In 2021 an experimental project will be promoted on a three-year basis to stimulate the students to follow a path of reading and writing, to implement their knowledge, their cultural baggage and their ability to analyze texts, in the light of the alarming data launched by the OECD report .
I work for young people. Starting in 2020, new and different figures will enter the cultural factory. Professional work opportunities in the production sectors (animators, scriptwriters, computer graphics experts), marketing, territorial marketing and event organization.
Giffoni Foundation. Between the end of 2021 and 2022, Giffoni changes its legal form: from a non-profit entity it becomes a Foundation with public and private partners. A necessary evolution capable of supporting all the upcoming challenges of Giffoni Opportunity.
Giffoni Green - Youth for the Present. To improve the Planet it is necessary to start from the personal world of each of us. Giffoni Green aims to build worlds without dividing the world. A new idea of ​​society is born, based on girls and boys eager to make a difference starting from their own territory. This new brand is a real revolution. It is a path which is first of all philosophical and humanistic. The challenge is to introduce new stimuli into the cultural processes and the people who will experience them, an ecology of thought. It is therefore not only an eco-environmental path. It is a work in progress project that will be better understood month after month. But this is and will be the biggest evolution of the Giffoni Idea for the coming years.


July 08, 2020

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