Tuesday, 22 October 2019 11:50

#GIFFONI50: It’s time to become a juror

For giffoners from all over the world the wait after months of trepidation has finally come to an end: from today the regulation to be part of the large family of #Giffoni50 is online. From 11 November it will be possible to apply.
"We are ready - explains the director of Giffoni Opportunity, Claudio Gubitosi - to welcome the thousands of requests to be part of the team of over six thousand jurors who will participate in the 50th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, scheduled from 16 to 25 July".
The jurors, divided between the sections Elements +3, Elements +6, Elements +10, Generator +13, Generator +16 and Generator +18, will be invited to participate in the competition of the films in competition, they will have the opportunity to see the best premieres of the season, take part in the workshops and the many events scheduled, including shows and live music performances. The jurors will also have the opportunity to meet authors, actors, directors and experience the magic of a truly special birthday.
For the 2020 edition there are some important new features. Those who want to be part of the Generator section (+13, +16 and +18) must not limit themselves to sending their candidacy to then cross their fingers and wait for the results of the draw. Aspiring jurors will have to fill out a questionnaire divided into modules, where they will be asked to explain the deeper reasons that lead them to want to be part of the Festival. Their answers will then be evaluated, with responsibility and attention, by experts appointed by the management. The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to give those who are strongly motivated the opportunity to experience the "most necessary festival", on the other, to open the doors of Giffoni even to those who do not have a specific competence behind them.

"This is because the Festival is not only for those who want to analyze a film from a technical-artistic point of view - underlines Gubitosi - but it also serves as a platform to deepen the stories, which can sometimes be bloody and of great impact, revolving around problems of everyday life, family issues and so on. The selection is always a look at the times we are living in. Filmmakers of different ages, geographies and cultures carry their critical and poetic eyes to Giffoni. Their films are carefully selected and the Festival never goes in search of what can be called the best product, but certainly the right one, suitable for different ages and capable of stimulating the most intense and profound reflections and emotions. The jurors will therefore have to share this philosophy centered on the desire to confront different identities, on the need to know, grow and understand the world around them. It is a journey of discovery of what is out there, no matter the country of origin and at the same time of one's individuality. Thanks to this work, young people have the opportunity  to discover new sides of themselves. It’s no coincidence that those who come to Giffoni never go away the same as they had arrived. This is witnessed by the many messages of affection of our giffoners who, every year, push us to do better and feel the responsibility we have towards them ”.

Find out how you can become a JUROR

All applications must be sent by December 29th.
For the Elements +3 section there will be no need to make a selection, the first 500 that will register on the Eventival platform will automatically become part of the jury.
For Elements + 6 and +10, should the requests exceed the number of available seats, there will be a draw that will take place on Saturday 11th January.
For Generators +13, +16, +18 - although the deadlines for sending the application are set for December 29th - an additional point will be awarded to those who register on the Eventival platform and will respond to the questionnaire no later than 11 December. Starting January 13, Giffoni Opportunity will contact all the kids who have never participated in the Festival to meet them and have a talk . The meeting will take place via Skype or by telephone, while the jurors near the festival premises will be welcomed in the offices of the management.
After February 15, the Jury Office will send to all the youth that have been selected the useful information to formalize the registration. New features are also planned for the Masterclass: the regulation will be online from February 1st and all interested parties will have until February 28 to register.
"Giffoni 50 represents a turning point - explains Gubitosi - And like all the achievements, it requires us to look inside ourselves and to rediscover the spirit that made our project a recognized template in Italy and abroad. For this reason I decided to select our Generators with a different criteria this year, so that through their motivational and emotional contribution they can better live this great life experience ”.