Monday, 01 July 2019 18:21

Street Fest 2019: over 200 iniziatives dedicated not only to giffoners but to all families

The itinerant festival, free of charge and scattered through the streets of Giffoni Valle Piana will be an open-space triumph with over 200 iniziatives, 50 artists, 30 labs and live shows with music, colors and stage performances

Following the success of the last years, the Giffoni Street Fest is back. Its programme – as part of the VIVO Giffoni project – is very assorted and includes all forms of art: over 200 initiatives will branch out from the Citadel of Cinema and reach squares, little streets, parking lots and courtyards of the urban area, transformed into theatrical open spaces. Established Giffoni spaces, like the Arena del Giardino degli Aranci, will host theater productions for people of every age and musicals for families. A free-admittance project oriented to the participation, joy and entertainment of children, young people and families.

The 2019 edition includes in its playbill more than 50 artists, 6 theme parties, over 30 laboratories and shows that will take place starting at 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm every day (July 19-27), to leave space after 10:00 pm to the live music shows in the Arena Lumiere with some of the most important names of the Italian contemporary music scene. The Street Fest is also a chance for everyone to build their own bespoke Giffoni “programme”, taking part and attending the free-admission shows and letting oneself be fascinated by the magic and poetry of the street artists.

Starting from the 49th edition theme, AIR, the Street Fest creates an emotional path which involves everyone, children and grownups, by means of universal languages, exhibitions, parties, visual comedy and nouveau cirque shows. All this happening sometimes with no need for words, to highlight the universal power of mime, body and face language. All this without forgetting traditional theater, with very impressive performances as well.

The 2019 opening ceremony is entrusted to Il draaago of the Teatro dei Venti from Modena, a challenge between a knight and the fantastic beast who is back in everybody’s fantasy thanks to the TV series Game of Thrones.

The #StreetFest2019 offers shows for everyone: the opening night at the Arena del Giardino degli Aranci will be with Matthias Martelli, who will stage Il primo miracolo di Gesù Bambino, from Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo, a text which is turning 50 years old this year. One of the most famous jester shows, it is directed by Eugenio Allegri and co-produced by the prestigious Teatro Stabile di Torino and Teatro della Caduta. Originated from the collaboration with Teatro delle Albe, Giffoni will welcome the international production Thioro – Cappuccetto rosso senegalese of Accademia Perduta which, with Romagna Teatri, is staging also the adventure fable Chi ha paura di Denti di ferro?. And also, Fiesta of Teatro Due mondi, Il grande gioco of Teatro Pirata and Mattia e il Nonno, based on the book by Roberto Piumini, of Factory Compagnia Transadriatica which deals in a sensitive way with the theme of separation. A two-day performance with great Musicals by Accademia Caracciolo will be closing the programme of the Giardino degli Aranci.

Important the collaboration with Anspi (Associazione Nazionale San Paolo Italia) for the radio project On air. Spicca il volo, linked by the ‘air’ theme to the 49th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, with a special focus on Leonardo da Vinci, in the 500th anniversary from his death.

Among the artists who will alternate through the streets of Giffoni, the Compagnia Creme & Brulè with the regional premiere of Viaggio al Centro della Luna, fire show and puppet theater, recognized by MIBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) and Regione Lazio and inspired by Jules Verne e Georges Méliès’ visions. Another premiere, and a national one, La giostra Carosello: new creation by La Baracca dei Buffoni dedicated to dream and imagination. And yet another unique artist: puppeteer Francesca Zoccarato, who chose an ‘artistic craft’ unusual for a woman, will perform in Varietà Prestige. After almost 5 years, I Nipoti di Bernardone will be back with their show Hope hope hoplà, awarded at the “Milano Clown Festival” and at the “MarteLive Circus di Roma”, and the nightmarish love of Jack e Sally by Compagnia MORKS.

For the second year in a row the Mirabella will be at the StreetFest, with their ‘family’ circus art and so will be Mister Bean’s official doppelgänger, Arnaldo Mangini. The Molino Rosekranz, Damiano Massaccesi and his idyllic character, the airy-fairy and exhibitionist itinerant acoustic orchestra The Tammaros, the surprises of the Eccentrici Dadarò and Madame Rebinè’s cyclo-comic show. Time for magic and transformism with Luca Lombardo’s comical-poetical performances, Poubelle, and the shows of Mago Pablo, Mago Lupis and Mago Veramente. These latter artists will entertain the audience with both one-location and itinerant shows, in the streets of Giffoni, with exhibitions of “Street magic”. For this edition, the busker groups will close the evening with their gipsy, folk and country rhythms. One name for all: Keet & More, country/folk band.

The verbal and figurative narration will be represented by Giacomo Bizzai’s animated readings, born from the prestigious collaboration with the Mostra D’Illustrazione Internazionale per l’Infanzia di Sarmede (International exhibition of Illustration for Children of Sarmede), by the show of the Ferraiolos, historic family of puppeteers from Salerno who have been entertaining the Giffoni little spectators for generations, and by the chapiteaux vintage of Blink Circus, a traveling installation, unique in the world. Main imperative: beauty and amusement! The Giffoni Street Fest gets to the heart with its theme parties by New Age Animazioni: Schiuma party, Festa dei colori, Bubbles party, Carnival party and Carribean party.

The laboratories of the Fili D’Erba Social Cooperative and by I Colori del Mediterraneo Association and Paese delle Meraviglie are inspired by the theme of the Giffoni Film Festival 2019 edition. Giffoni’s main square will be happily invaded by the entertainment and play activities for families of Manuel Pucci’s Ludobus Legnogiocando, while in via Scarpone there will be LogiCup, the Playhouse, Sergio Eco’s caricatures and the very-much-awaited body painter Weronique Art. Time for art with the exhibition at Parco Pinocchio and, at the Antiche Ramiere, with VisionARIA, by the Associazione Angelo Azzurro, which also promotes ArtigianARIAmente, local crafts markets in Parco Fellini.

Two performances will be closing the Giffoni Street Fest 2019 edition. In the last production of Mabò Band, Mabò of colors, three musician-clowns will engage their audience in a whirlwind of colorful emotions. Clown noses, in the shape of small and big balloons, will flood in squares with their thousand colors: a show about the power of diversity and the power of music to make people get together, starting with the talent of the Mabò Band in the art of improvisation. Following, the Compagnia La deliranza with some performances of Where is Alice?, loosely based on the novel “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Led by the always-late White Rabbit, the audience will discover the fantastic world of street art!

For a total of 200 initiatives, a wave of fun for people of all ages will inundate Giffoni Valle Piana from July 19th to 27th.