Tuesday, 04 June 2019 09:52

#Giffoni2019: The image of the 49th edition presented by the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum

The illustration, created by Luca Apolito and Chiara Pepe and dedicated to the theme ARIA, is also a homage to Leonardo Da Vinci

Not an easy task that of defining what the Giffoni Film Festival has meant for entire generations in 50 years of history. A history rich of emotions which, edition by edition, has become recognizable to the eyes of jurors, families and giffoners thanks to a symbolic image. The path, started in 2018 with the trilogy dedicated to the safeguard of the planet, which had as its mainstay one of the fundamental elements of survival: AQUA (WATER) and followed, in 2019, by ARIA (AIR), will finish next year with the theme TERRA (EARTH).

The official image of the 49th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, which will take place from the 19th to the 27th of July, has been presented this morning, Monday, June 3rd, during the meeting with the director of the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum, Gabriel Zuchtriegel. Within a few steps from the famous painting of “The Diver”, the director of Giffoni Experience, Claudio Gubitosi, has anticipated to giffoners the symbolic illustration of this edition, opening to new possibilities of collaboration with the archaeological site of Paestum.

 “We chose to launch the 2019 image once more in an unconventional way, selecting an exceptional location, rich in history, memory and future – explains the director of the Giffoni Experience, Claudio Gubitosi – I wish to thank the director of the National Archaeological Park of Paestum, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, for the welcome they reserved me. It is amazing to see our image, open to numerous interpretations, side by side with the symbolic image of the museum: The Diver, a piece, too, which can be read in several ways.

During the day, we also signed the protocol of agreement with the Istituto d’istruzione superiore – IPSAR “Piranesi” of Capaccio (Paestum). Its purpose, as enthusiastically highlighted by the school principal Loredana Nicoletti, is that of making audiovisual productions aimed at enhancing the young students’ talent and, at the same time, showing the opportunities of the area.

The theme ARIA is the second step that Giffoni intends to take to involve the new generations in a fundamental reflection that, for the benefit of our planet, must develop into an ecological promise. The image, created by Luca Apolito and Chiara Pepe, means to evoke a series of awesomeness, ideas and hypotheses collected in time, sometimes as evidences, other times hidden like secrets waiting to be unveiled.

“The first studies on the air element, from an artistic point of view, were attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, who always showed a deep interest in this essential element – continues Gubitosi – This year we celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the death of this immense genius. Giffoni has the perfect chance to dedicate to him a very special and necessary homage, stemming from the theme ARIA. Leonardo, centuries ago, showed, in the most evocative way possible, the direction toward the environmental theme. His flying machines are a demonstration of how to use clean energy reaching to us from a 500 years’ distance in time.

In the image, Leonardo’s flying machines fly over an imaginary city, where an excited population wants to reach the sky, get as high as possible, travel further, cross the invisible border of the AIR separating the real from the imaginary. At the highest point, in the center, an ancestral and formidable creature, generated by the dreams of men, is getting ready to go over and beyond, where every instant marks the birth of new worlds, beyond the darkness you can glimpse a light, countless opportunities which are the outcome of imagination but at the same time possible.

 “In our image – say the authors – Leonardo’s enthusiasm for the idea of flying, the chance to win against the ‘resistente ARIA’ (resistant AIR) becomes an invitation to dream, it is the wish to overcome borders, limits and barriers.