Tuesday, 30 April 2019 10:50

“Thank you, Giffoni!”: films, Q&As and sightseeing at the Louvre and Tour Eiffel for Martina and Cosimo, jurors at the International Festival Ciné-jeune de l’Aisne

The Giffoners Martina Matonte and Cosimo Di Leo have just returned from Guise, France where they participated in the 37th edition of the Ciné-jeune de l'Aisne International Festival. Accompanied by Giusy Rago of the Jury Office, they were able to participate not only in film screenings and debates, but also discover some of the most characteristic places in Parissuch as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Here’s their daily Diary:

April 9 - We arrived at Naples airport at 10.15am. After packing our bags and going through all the checks we got on the Air France plane that left at 12:30. We arrived in Paris at 15:00 and met our two German companions, Lara and Chiara. After a few hours on the minibus we arrived in Guise, we had dinner and later we saw the film "Los Bando".

10 April - We woke up and after breakfast we went to the "Familia", a cultural space hosting the festival. It was an opportunity for each of us to present a film of our own country to the other participants. We then discussed the film "Los Bando" and after that we saw "Tito et les oiseaux". We had lunch and then talked about the film we saw earlier. After dinner we watched the film "Je n'aime plus la mer".

11 April - After discussing the film seen the night before, we saw the film "Chuskit". After lunch we saw another movie, "The Meteorite" and participated in a debate, and then saw another one called "The Witch Hunters". Later there was a party in the streets of the village, and together with a group that animated the evening we went to Guise's 'Chateaux Fort', where after a glass of hot soup we saw some short films.

April 12 - After talking about "The Witch Hunters" we had lunch and later we gathered to decide the winner of the festival. About an hour later we visited the Guise castle again and towards the evening there was the award ceremony: the winning film was "The Witch Hunters", while a special mention was given to "Los Bando". Finally, after dinner we went to bed exhausted.

April 13 - The day began by saying goodbye to our Slovenian friends Taj and Gaia who left early in the morning. At about 8:30 we took the train to Paris and once we arrived we visited monuments and historical places such as the Mulin Rouge, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre dame. In the afternoon we had to say goodbye Chiara and Lara, the German girls who spent the day with us in Paris and took a walk to the Pompidour Center. Once we arrived at the airport we took a ride and packed our luggage. Despite the delay of an hour and a half we managed to get on the plane and we arrived in Naples around 24:00. We want to thank Giffoni Experience for this beautiful opportunity and the Ciné-jeune de l'Aisne for having welcomed us and involved us in this beautiful experience in France.