Wednesday, 24 April 2019 11:10

"Festivals change lives": the diary of the three giffoners returning from the Taoba International Youth Film Festival in Tbilisi

"Festivals change lives” claim Giffoners Carmine Ciccarone, Asja Donesi and Martina Perrone who just returned from the Taoba International Youth Film Festival in Tbilisi (Georgia). Accompanying the young jurors was the head of the Jury Office of the Giffoni Experience, Natascia De Rosa.

"Taking on a journey is not just a way to escape from everyday life and enjoy a period of vacation, but also an opportunity to live an unforgettable experience – claimed the youth - this was the Taoba Youth Film Festival for us, an event made by young people for young people that goes far beyond simply watching movies. The watchword of the Taoba is family: behind the initiative, in fact, there is a group of young people whose strength is based precisely on unity. We felt at ease immediately, part of a real group willing to talk about cultures, traditions and express opinions without any form of prejudice ".

Conceived in 2018 by the Culture and Education Foundation, Taoba is one of the largest festivals of its kind in Georgia: it focuses on developing young audiences and promoting film education, with a particular focus on the educational values ​​of selected films to stimulate debates on changes in society and encourage the dialogue between young people through cinema.

"It was incredible to find  out that the organization is made up of children of our age who with creativity, seriousness and dedication have made all this possible and it’s incredible - the giffoners continued – they were able to conduct debates on important issues with a naturalness that has surprised us all by involving everyone in a unique and interesting discussion based on exchanges of ideas and continuous comparisons. The thing that struck us most was the warmth with which they welcomed us, a real family that made us feel at home. The other internationals who, like us, found themselves in a different reality without perceiving any difference also felt the same. Being able to interact in English was certainly helpful. "

The event, co-organized by the National Youth and Children's Palace, saw the participation, in addition to Italy (with Giffoni Experience), of delegations from Macedonia (Giffoni Macedonia), Turkey (Universal Kids Film Festival), Azerbaijan (Nariman Films ) and Armenia (Rolan Bykov).

"This experience has chaged us and it will be practically impossible to forget it - the jurors concludes - Thanks Giffoni for this opportunity!"