Thursday, 21 February 2019 12:57

Erasmus+ arrives in Giffoni to build a better future!

A two year project of excellence that involves Italy: 30 young European students from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland will participate on February 26th in a real "school of cinema" with Giffoni Experience in the spaces of the Cittadella del Cinema and of the Multimedia Valley, and will be hosted, for a week, from Sunday 24 February to Sunday 3 March, by the families of Giffoni Valle piana, studying side by side with their peers of the "F.lli Linguiti" Institute.

"Building a better future by addressing ecology and immigration problems through innovative teaching methods, multiculturalism and multilingualism" is the official name of the project: a total immersion in the world of cinema, with the aim of building a better future for the new generations, through the understanding of great and very important topical issues: migration of peoples, ecology and multiculturalism. And what event could summarize these concepts better than Giffoni Experience, which for nearly 50 years has welcomed thousands of young people from all over the world, from different ethnic groups, religious beliefs and social and cultural backgrounds, and that since 2018 has inaugurated a three-year project safeguarding the Planet and the environment?

These are the focus of the "Erasmus+ / Key Action 2" program, which includes, within the strategic partnerships, the mobility of teachers and students, and the "F.lli Linguiti" School in Giffoni Valle Piana, led by the school manager Sofia Palumbo.

The students come from the "Velika Dolina" schools in Brezice (Slovenia), "Skola Podstawowa" in Warsaw (Poland) and "Zakladni Skola materska Barvirska" in Liberec (Czech Republic). Accompanied by the teachers Daniela Marková, Aneta Wollrabová, Mojca Bregar Goričar, Edita Krošl, Anna Zawadzka, Sylwia Bombała, Mariarosaria Trotta and Doriana Vecchio, will be hosted by the families of the "Linguiti" students for a week, will participate in the school activities and will work together with Italian students on the activities planned for the project, including those in collaboration with Giffoni Experience.

In addition to school activities the students will discover the places and culinary traditions of Giffoni, walk through the streets of the town to discover churches and monuments, visit the historic center of Salerno and the beauties of the excavations of Paestum and Pompeii.

"If it is true that Erasmus mainly offers young people the opportunity to communicate in English, to work in transnational groups by collaborating, exchanging experiences, developing social skills, it is also true - says the director Sofia Palumbo - that teachers are given a great deal of opportunities to broaden one's cultural and professional background, as the experiences of cooperation can give a strong input to change the way of doing school, to improve the quality of the educational offer and of the classes / learning. We are proud, concludes the executive, to take part in this project and to work in an innovative and engaging European dimension. "

The students, in fact, have been engaged in a tiring but fun research work on the traces of the past: in each country the students had to look for the "presence" of people - present or past - from the other nations involved, and in the following categories : architecture, catering, industry, monuments or buildings. And by looking patiently in archives, sites - including that of the Giffoni Experience - and consulates, they found Polish traces and Slovenian ones in a music competition of the University of Salerno and composers of Czech origin at the "San Carlo" Theater of Naples.

By comparing traces, analyzing and discussing the students were able to learn something that Giffoni Experience has always promoted with determination: borders exist only on paper, that there is always a link between people (in the past as in the present) and that we are all European citizens who live in the same world.

The works will also be made available through some platforms such as eTwinning, on the websites of the schools involved, and on the occasion of popular events and local journalistic and television reports. Moreover, the "Linguiti" Institute will take care of recording all the phases of the project on a website that is visible on the official website of the school.

Manlio Castagna will moderate the February 26th meeting and the screening of some short films in the Elements +10 section, including "How Tommy Lemenchick Became a Grade 7 Legend", "The Trophy Thief", "The Red Thunder". The afternoon will be dedicated to training with the Movie Days LAB format: through an interactive modular video, the students in the room will be explained how to create the scene of a film, starting from photography, music, editing, dialogues and framing.