Friday, 08 March 2019 12:41

Four Jurors at the London BFI: "It was an honor to represent Giffoni"

"It was an honor to represent Giffoni in this precious adventure. You have enriched our experience, giving us a new family ". The words of Marialuisa Cesaro, Matteo Palumbo, Marika Anna Scafuro and Alfonso Siani: the four giffoners who took part in the BFI Future Film Festival in London. The international festival, dedicated to animation cinema and new technologies, hosted in the South Bank district, saw young people engaged in debates, workshops, guided tours and screenings.

"We met, for the first time, inside the airport of Naples - the young jurors said - we were waiting for Marta, a member of the Giffoni Experience team, who then became our reference point, but above all a friend who contributed to making our experience even more special". And they continued: "We bonded from the beginning, although we had never met before, we started to exchange ideas and expectations about the five days we would have lived together. Upon landing we met Allison, one of the organizers of the BFI Film Festival, who was able to welcome us with great joy and accompanied us to Southbank, the venue of the festival. There we were entrusted to our new families with whom we established a very strong bond".

The 2019 BFI included four main focuses: Storytelling, Production and manual skills, the Film business and New forms and technologies. "The Festival has given us the opportunity to deepen, through courses and master classes with industry professionals, every technical aspect related to the world of cinema - explained the giffoners - during five days we visited most of the London attractions: from Piccadilly up to Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, St. Paul's Cathedral, the National Gallery and the enchanting Westminster neighborhood where we could admire the Big Ben, up to Trafalgar Square and the imposing Tower Bridge."

An experience that the giffoners will cherish forever: "Time has flown too fast, we have said goodbye to our friends and their families with the promise that we will meet again as soon as possible. These days will remain forever among our most cherished memories ".