Thursday, 13 December 2018 11:43

Giffoners traveling in the "cradle of civilization": here is their story from Greece

Marta, Sara, Giorgia and Denise tell of their experience as jurors in the 21st edition of the Olympia International Film Festival

Not only cinema, but also adventure: the21st edition of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and the 18th Chamber Zizanio just wrapped up, and the four giffoners who were part of the international jury - Marta Apicella, Sara Morretta, Giorgia Pellegrino and Denise Scafuri - have returned to Italy. To accompany them to the Greek cinema review of Pyrgos, in the Peloponnese, Giusy Rago of the Jury Office. A journey that has opened their gaze on some of the most important places in the history of humankind, from the "cradle" of Western civilization, Athens, to the incredible ruins of Olympia.

Here is their story:

"We thank Giffoni for giving us the opportunity to participate in this wonderful Greek festival. Our journey began in the middle of the night, with tired eyes but a lot of hope, we were confident and determined to embark in this new thrilling experience. After flying long hours we landed in the "cradle of civilization", the splendid city of Athens, and we perceived all the colors that until then we could only see in books or by surfing the internet. In this timeless land, with Greek food, ancient wonders and souvenir shops that awaited us, there was also rain. The day seemed to end with it and also our joy, but soon everything would be subject to a U Turn with the beginning of the festival. Once in Pyrgos we met again with some guys we had met during the Giffoni Film Festival, in particular Alexia Panagiotopoulou who accompanied us throughout the festival, fortifying the previously formed bond.

Every day our role as international jurors allowed us the vision of animation movies and short films to later comment and discuss. We were also divided into groups of people from different countries and engaged in making a film for the Mytos project, whose theme was OLIVE OIL, ALL LIVE ALL LOVE. In the morning, there were the short films in competition made for "Camera Zizanio" produced by schools all over the world waiting for us.This trip was also an opportunity to visit the incredible archaeological site of Olympia, where the first Olympic Games in history took place. Between statues and artifacts we have had the privilege of being able to really immerse ourselves in a timeless journey in the Hellenic culture. The new knowledge was not lacking, both with local people and with other international guests and obviously the tears of the last day. We will always bring with us this wonderful experience with the hope of being able to relive the emotions that only such festivals can give. THANK YOU, THANKS, THANKS GIFFONI EXPERIENCE!"