Tuesday, 20 November 2018 11:12

A tribute to the director Gubitosi at the Tokyo Kineko Film Fest

The director of the Giffoni Experience will be in Japan together with the president Piero Rinaldi, Jacopo Gubitosi, head of institutional relations and business strategies and Tony Guarino, head of international relations, until November 26

The Kineko International Children's Film Festival, a Japanese film festival dedicated to children and teenagers, now on its 26th edition, has decided to pay homage to the director of Giffoni Experience, Claudio Gubitosi, with a tribute dedicated to him, "to honor a person who has contributed to the cinema for young people and to their dedicated festivals, and for the extraordinary example that the Giffoni Film Festival has given to Kineko and film festivals all over the world”. Together with the director Gubitosi also president Piero Rinaldi, Jacopo Gubitosi, institutional relations and corporate strategies Manager and Tony Guarino, Head of international relations.

After the official award ceremony, the director Gubitosi will present the "Giffoni phenomenon" - also with the help of videos - to experts, exponents of the film industry, culture and communication, and to international partners, including Chie Morimoto, Daniel Lundquist, head of programming for BUFF (Sweden), Liset Cotera, founder and director of La Matatena (Mexico), Floor van Spaendonck, general manager of Cinekid (Netherlands) and Zhongquiang Jin, vice president of CCFA (China).

For the occasion, Gubitosi will talk about the first 50 years of Giffoni's life and future projects in the making, including those on innovation, as well as all the other celebrations for the first half century of Giffoni Experience that will be celebrated in 2020. "I am happy to bring Giffoni personally to Japan - he said - and this experience that has marked my whole life. Being recognized by such an important nation, rich in history and traditions, moves me and makes me happy, because it is a way to export Italian culture - of which Giffoni is an integral part - in the world. Telling Giffoni in the world and its beautiful Italian history is a pride, promoting my Region, Campania, as a fertile land of creativity and commitment is a mission that I will always continue to support.”

"I am very proud to take part in this important event - added the president Rinaldi - to testify to the creator of Giffoni and our director all the affection and pride that myself and the whole team feels for this new and important recognition, which once again underlines the work that Claudio Gubitosi has realized in all these years to promote the activity of Giffoni, involving millions of young people all over the world. Giffoni is loved and studied, and now also honored and rewarded.”

Helmed by Mitsuo Tahira, the event will be held in Tokyo until November 27, and will be attended by jurors aged between 9 and 12 years of age. The themes tackled this year are "personality", "sensitivity", "internationality" and "moral". Also scheduled are the workshops "Draw Big Forest on the window!" By the Japanese artist Anz Kanie and "Let's make a Happy Apple Tree" by the director Ana Horvat.