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The event will be held again in April with the Oltrepò Pavese students, and the short films will also be presented at the 48th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival

Great success on Sunday 25 March at the Balestrieri auditorium of the 'Leonardo' high school in Brescia: the first two docu-films and commercials made by the high school students of Val Trompia and Val Sabbia, involved in the project of the Cariplo Foundation 'AttivAree', were presented to the public. The event, in collaboration with Giffoni Experience, will be repeated in April with the students of Oltrepò Pavese.

‘#Immersedinthevally’ and ‘The Curse of Caldoline Peak’ are the title of the two short films made by the students of Valli Resilienti, selected by the Cariplo Foundation – together with Oltrepò Pavese - to tell stories about the life, growth and development of the internal areas of Lombardy. In the first short, a group of Milanese boys on their way to Cortina d'Ampezzo, when their car breaks down. Their journey is a golden opportunity to discover the places and typical products of Val Sabbia, in the company of the local young people.

The second, instead, is dedicated to Val Trompia:  Giacomo discovers that Manuela is imprisoned by a 500-year-old curse. The only way to break it is to find some characteristic elements of the territory, including a precious pendant, and then take them to the sanctuary of Bovegno. In addition to these short film, the students, starting from Saturday 17 March, have also shot two commercials, in order to highlight the beauty, the resources, the naturalistic and cultural value of Val Trompia and Val Sabbia.

“Together, we used the experience gained in recent years to try to revitalize the internal areas, areas that, from a cultural and artistic point of view, we believe contain many treasures”, declared during the event Elena Jachia, Director of the Environment Areas, Fondazione Cariplo and  AttivAree Project, “and the project stems from the desire to put the skills of Cariplo to good use in different sectors: from the environment to the social, from the protection of artistic heritage to scientific research”.

What better way to do it than by focusing on the younger generations?  “We proposed this synergy with the Giffoni Experience to the Valleys - continues Jachia - because we believe it will enrich the project and stimulate the high school students of today. The message to send out is the participation and interest that the young people have shown. The use of audiovisual products is an instrument to see the territory through the eyes of the kids, and to show it to others accordingly.  The result of this work will also come to Giffoni, and I think this is a important passport and a welcome signal that we will use to showcase the territory at its best”.

To ‘AttivAree’ ‘s selection announcement, eleven districts applied and two were selected: the Oltrepò Pavese and the Valleys Val Tompia and Val Sabbia. “The two Mountain Communities and the Valleys and Lakes Consortia have expressed great ideas within the project - continues Jachia - and in this regard, I congratulate them for their contribution to the Foundation. We are involved and  growing together, interactively going through this journey.”  Indeed, this adventure was made possible, also thanks to the valuable support of the Mountain Community Val Trompia and Val Sabbia and the Oltrepò Pavese Development Foundation, two important partners that profoundly embrace ‘AttivAree’ ‘s mission.

“More than 200 years ago Valle Sabbia and Val Trompia headed to the city to defend the Serenissima, demonstrating that the two valleys have always been united” tells Giovanmaria Fiocchini, President of the Valle Sabbia Mountain Community. “This is an important project, which is today presented in Brescia, and tomorrow we hope also in many other places. Thesen days the children have worked hard, and my hope is that it was an interesting and useful experience for them and for their future.”

'The goal of this project- he continues - is for our citizens remain in the territory, maintaining services, guaranteeing resources and job opportunities. Everything we do we do for the new generations: you are the only guarantee Ffor the future of these valleys. The hope is that this important project will make our territories better-known.”

A hope also shared by Massimo Ottelli, President of the Val Trompia Mountain Community. “Young people are the bridge between the valleys and the city - he says - and this is the opportunity of the 4.0 generation, part of the ‘AttivAree’ project, to understand and talk about our territory. They are our future. We must thank all the protagonists of this project, especially the Cariplo Foundation, for giving us the opportunity to implement these synergies and give another chance to our economy, to the new generations and to our territory.”

“These kids have worked hard to promote their region - says the President of the city council of Brescia, Laura Parenza - and for this reason we believe it is important to build educational, work and cultural synergies. Brescia is the capital of a vast province, but it also wishes to be more involved with the territory, which is rich in history, culture, work and businesses. The municipal administration is available:  ‘AttivAree'’is the first stage of a larger project to promote the territory. To make it more lively and attractive, and increase the quality of life and wellness of our communities.”

The teamwork has been extraordinary - explains Lucia Masutti, Communication Specialist of the Cariplo Foundation - from nothing, one Sunday afternoon, we set up an incredible experience, and that’s because we believed in it so much. We didn’t want to talk about the finished product alone, i.e. the two short films and the two sports, but also all the communication work that the kids were doing. On the Facebook page ‘The diary - Giffoni Experience for Attiv-aree’ are the backstage and all the real time contents of what was happening. An interactive tool of a strategy that we decided to make a part of ‘ActivAree’. This diary doesn’t end here;  it will be passed to the children of 'Oltrepo' Pavese in April, and then to the lucky ones who will have the opportunity to go to the 48th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. I think it's a good opportunity for kids, a way for them to learn to communicate differently.”

“It is possible to dare, and this is the proof that by trying and trying again results are achieved: this is the most important message to give the kids”, comments Fabrizio Veronesi, of the Valle Trompia Mountain Community and coordinator of the project. “Giffoni is a bridge, not only geographically. We do not just want to stimulate interest and work together, but also give proper attention to the new generations. They will inhabit these territories in the future, and the best way to engage them was using the multimedia discourse. Through this, first we will arrive at Giffoni ... and then in the rest of the world!”

Nothing is more effective than the testimony of the boys themselves, to understand the value and importance of this project: “It was very exciting to participate in the shoot - says Camilla - but above all being part of a group. The public has seen only the final result, but behind all this there are more than 50 kids.” “I took part in the shoot - adds Enrica, who followed the backstage - and it was a wonderful experience, because I had never seen how a spot is made.” Marco, on the other hand, did not expect for it “to be so complex. Doing the same scenes again and again was difficult but beautiful at the same time. It gave me the idea of how getting in the job market will be in the future, and all that is behind it.”

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