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Giffoni takes off with Planes 2

Friday, 18 July 2014 23:33
Gannaway: "A film about second occasions for adult people as well" 
Regional Minister of Culture of Regione Campania Caterina Miraglia attending the opening ceremony
A standing ovation welcomed the film director of "La mafia uccide solo d'estate"
The Italian tricolor cut through Giffoni’s sky thanks to Italian Flying Circus WeFly! Team, the only one in the world made up of disabled pilots flying  microlight aircrafts equipped with special control. It’s been a real aerospace debut for the 44th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. «You can be different - explained journalist Pino Di Feo, spokesperson for the team – in many ways: the way you walk, the way you dress or the way you think. Yet diversity doesn’t necessarily mean substantial differences». That’s the philosophy lying behind our project “WeFly! With Futura… dare fly”, in alliance with the WeFly! Team disabled pilots and Italian astronaut from Esa (European Space Agency) and Air Force Captain pilot  Samantha Cristoforetti, who is set for a six months space mission - “Futura”-  starting next November on behalf of Asi (Italian Space Agency). The WeFly! Team, filling with the Italian tricolor the sky over Giffoni, has told the young jurors from all over the world a story of strength, courage and friendship. Their heartfelt message says that you must be brave and never give up on your dreams if you want to reach your goals, just like the team and Samantha Cristoforetti have done themselves. The astronaut has also addressed a video message to Giffoni’s youth.  The team, which proudly represents Italy in air shows all over the world, is made up of Alessandro Paleri (the leader), who’s been quadriplegic since 1987 and Marco Cherubini (left supporter), disabled since 1995, in collaboration with instructor Erich Kustatscher, right supporter, the only non-disabled member of the team. «My special thanks – says Di Feo – go to Aura President Alfonsina Novellino for inviting us, so proving once again her sensitivity towards social issues».