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There is a country that is far ahead of its Parliament. That country is Italy. The issue is the protection of civil rights. Alessandro Zan, member of parliament for the Democratic Party, has become a symbol of this battle against discrimination. Today, he was welcomed at #Giffoni50Plus.
“No one ever speaks badly of Giffoni. Long live the festival and let’s hope it lasts forever”. 
Journalism as a “search for truth, the “huge responsibility” of the press, the role of “trust” within the community and in interpersonal relations, the importance of language and the “word choice” in articles and, above all, in headlines. 
There is the praise of creativity and diversity in the words of Riccardo Nencini, president of the Public Education and Culture Commission of the Senate, today guest of #Giffoni50Plus.
Giffoni is the right place to talk about plans for young people. Fabiana Dadone, Minister for Youth Policies, realised this as soon as she arrived at the Cittadella del Cinema, welcomed by Giffoni’s director Claudio Gubitosi. 
"It is always exciting to come to Giffoni. Young people have great energy and a sincere hunger for new contents.
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