Saturday, 27 July 2019 20:55

Fifty years of Giffoni, Director Gubitosi: “We’re a great Italian cultural project, we’ll invite President Mattarella”

We’re in the 50th year of GiffoniDirector Claudio Gubitosi announced it during the traditional closing conference, that was held this evening in theMultimedia Valley. “Today – explained the creator and Director of Giffoni – after having the final say that will drop the curtain on this edition, we’ll already be in our first half century. Giffoni is an Italian cultural project that puts the Campania Region at the centre of the world. We must look forward and protect what we have”.  

Afterwards, he mentioned the figures of this edition which is close to its end: “During these days – he said – there have been 350 thousand attendees and all of them have had the chance to move around freely. There are 100 employees having a steady job at Giffoni and, during the Festival, there are 550 more people working on a short-term contract. There also are the 12 thousand citizens of Giffoni, who are joined by those living in the surrounding areas for a total of 125 thousand guests”.

Time to take stock: “This - said the Director – has been one of the most difficult editions ever because I wanted to link the gap between the 49th and the 50thanniversary. But I know Giffoni is in good hands, honest hands that are willing to nurture and protect it, because the Giffoners are millions. Which words come up to mind when talking about Giffoni? Amazement, surprise and the expression “I couldn’t imagine it was so great”. Let’s hope there will always be amazement and surprise”. 

Here are the first news about the 2020 edition: “Next edition – he revealed – will take place 16 to 25 July 2020 and will be preceded by for stages in Italy: Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia and Veneto, with several projects made in collaboration with Miur and Mibac. I will soon be meeting President of the Campania Region De Luca, because Giffoni, before being a national pride, is most of all a super Campanian pride. We’re going to invite President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and we’ll do it our way, asking him to receive a delegation of youth. Then I’m going to Bruxelles to ask for the presence of the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, as well as President of the European Parliament David Sassoli”.
A parade of stars? Gubitosi is planning the return of artists of great prestige: “Our goal for the 50 th anniversary  – he added – is to have back the great talents that marked Giffoni history, one per day, accompanied by a young star. I’m thinking about Meryl  Streep and Roberto Benigni, just to name a few. We’ll try to persuade Robert De Niro, too, who graced the festival in 1983".