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Undersecretary Borgonzoni comes back at Giffoni: “The government will be attending the 50th edition. This is an example of the South of Italy that works”

State Secretary for Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism Lucia Borgonzoni has visited Giffoni once again. Last year, about one month after starting her commission, Undersecretary Borgonzoni had the chance to approach the Giffoni world. Now, twelve months later, ideas have turned into projects and projects are set to become reality on the occasion of the fifty anniversary of Claudio Gubitosi’s brilliant intuition, which has become the world most relevant reality focused on children’s cinema and, more in general, culture, creativity and innovation aimed at young people. On her arrival Borgonzoni was greeted by Director Gubitosi, together with Giffoni Experience President Piero Rinaldi and Giffoni Valle Piana Mayor Antonio Giuliano.

I’m back one year later – started Undersecretary Borgonzoni upon her arrival at the Citadel of CinemaIn this period we’ve started a strong collaboration with Claudio Gubitosi, who is a fantastic person. We keep on working and thinking about how to improve this experience, which should be exported everywhere. This is a virtuous example of the south of Italy that works thanks to people’s ideas. At the heart of all this lies a brilliant idea that has taken hold in a once little-known town who’s now become central not only for cinema but also in terms of touristic flow.  Giffoni is the heart of a lot of initiatives revolving around creativity and focused on the youth. Children are given a space here because they are the centre of it all. In this sense, here we’re working to create a branch of Rome’s Experimental Film Centre. Moreover, we’ve been implementing a project called Maricà, by the same name of the Brazilian city Giffoni wants to create a bond with, as already done with other cities in the past. The Government should support these initiatives in every possible way, not only providing resources but also being present. We believe in this event as much as Gubitosi and all the jurors attending it. Everyone should experience it and have a walk around Giffoni to look at these youth and feel the atmosphere we can breathe here”. 

We’re getting ready for the long and extensive journey leading us to the 50th anniversary of Giffoni: “Today – said Lucia Borgonzoni – I’ve come here to witness the moment when Giffoni officially starts the countdown towards its 50th anniversary. The idea of the Experimental Film Centre can be the structural project allowing the Government to underline the significance of Giffoni and give us the chance to look forward. And I must admit that doing this together with Claudio Gubitosi is an easy task”. 


December 17, 2019

50 years of Giffoni: From the Festival to the activities that will lead to 2030

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December 12, 2019

#Giffoni50 launches the selection of the films in competition

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