Saturday, 27 July 2019 15:43

Elena Sofia Ricci, the giffoners’ “mum”: “You’re like a big family to me”

Apart from her undeniable talent, proved by the wide variety of roles played over an almost forty-year long career, on her visit yesterday to Giffoni 2019 Elena Sofia Ricci also showed a deep sensibility, getting moved to tears by the warm welcome of the Generator+13, +16 and +18 youth and masterclass attendees. After all, the giffoners are kind of children to her. “As a little child I didn’t dream of becoming an actress, I wanted to have a family and lots of kids: you’ve made my dream come true”. That’s why, at the risk of sounding a “prude”, in her own words, she went on about the importance of “studying” and showing respect for other people’s work, trying to turn passion into profession, without stopping at the first hurdle. “If someone slums the door in your face, just go knock on some other door and then another one”. 

Ricci had a real heart-to-heart with the youth crowding Sala Truffaut (where she also received the EXPERIENCE AWARD): from the awareness of being an imperfect mother to her daughters aged 23 and 14 as well as an “intrusive” woman in her own family to the recent discovery of faith, over the filming of the TV series “Che Dio ci aiuti”. Giffoni has bewitched her so much that she joked with the journalists: “I want to come live here”. She will definitely come back, as she promised the young jurors: “In a few years I’ll be back at Giffoni. You’ll be directors by then, so if you ever need an elderly lady for a part in a film of yours, please count me in”.