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President Vincenzo De Luca at the Festival: Giffoni has become more and more important, we are looking forward to celebrating the 50th edition”

Giffoni 2019 welcomed President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, who had the chance to visit the Multimedia Valley and see first-hand the high-quality facilities built as part of Community planning which have provided the Festival with spaces, places and equipment appropriate to such a prestigious event. Upon arrival De Luca was greeted by Director Claudio Gubitosi, Giffoni Experience President Piero Rinaldi and Giffoni Valle Piana Mayor Antonio Giuliano.

This year – he started off – I find Giffoni particularly good, I see a great turnout of young people. It’s one of the greatest events in our region and it’s going to turn fifty soon. Fifty years of history make an amazing milestone for a film festival. Giffoni has become an occasion for youth to come together, a vector to promote the local territory , in addition to being a major event focusing on youth related issues. I’ve found great liveliness and I’m happy to see that most structures have been completed. It looks like everything’s working out for the best."

Later on, President De Luca had the chance to lose himself into the evocative Atmos technology of Sala Blu – Grimaldi Lines, among the twelve most technologically advanced movie theatres in Italy. The visit went on with a walk through the Village stands. De Luca also expressed his condolences to the Carabinieri officers on duty at the Citadel on the tragic death of Mario Cerciello Rega, who was killed last night in Rome. De Luca met a lot of jurors on his way: after all, Giffoni belongs to the youth and De Luca knows it pretty well: “Today – he went on – the most important thing is educating the new generation. We have to teach them how to think critically when using social media, because they expose them to huge risks, such as fake news and falsification of reality that have now become very common. These are sensitive issues to discuss with the youth, and Giffoni can provide the right occasion to do this”.

The Festival is not just an event, but also a showcase for the Campania Region. It’s a place with no walls or barriers. “I must admit – explained President De Luca - that in the recent past we’ve witnessed very important events that have given us the chance to offer the world the most beautiful image of both the Campania region and our artistic venues. The Universiade has just ended and we’ve put a lot of effort to underline the beauty of our places as well as boost economy and tourism revolving around these initiatives. Giffoni is set to this wavelength, its structure makes it a place of togetherness, dialogue, knowledge and peace. Some delegations even come from the Middle East. It’s great to welcome boys and girls coming from war-torn countries, they can get to know each other, establish a dialogue, exchange views. This is just one of the little miracles happening in Giffoni”.

Before leaving Giffoni, De Luca made an appeal to the youth: “We must teach our children the sense of reality. We must teach them how to be ambitious and hopeful, how to fight starting from reality instead of imagination. Creativity combined with realism can make great things. And this is exactly what Giffoni has been teaching us over the last 50 years”.


August 10, 2020

#GIFFONI50 is here: the program

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Velia, 10 August 2020 - #Giffoni50 becomes four and their program is “a true hymn to joy”, claimed Festival founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi.