25 July #giffoni2019

“I have a clear memory of my first time at Giffoni, three years ago: it was a strong emotion. This festival is different: unlike all the other festivals touched by glamour, it remains genuine because it lives on the healthy 
“I’ve always been in love with Italy, but Giffoni really conquered my heart”: actress and philanthropist AMBER HEARD couldn’t hide her excitement while telling Giffoni 2019 jurors how happy she was to be surrounded by them. 
This year’s “CiAl environmental award”, an official award set up under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, now at its fifteenth edition, goes to a 2018 Chilean production, made in collaboration with Brazil 

Batman: Hush on July 26 at #Giffoni2019

Thursday, 25 July 2019 14:20
Thanks to Warner Bros. and DC Comics, CULT masterclassers will have the chance to be the first to discover the animated film adaptation of one of the most loved and acclaimed comics ever, set for release on August 20th in 4K UHD on Infinity
Long-awaited première of THEN CAME YOU by Peter Hutchings enchanted the Generator jurors of the 49th edition of Giffoni. The young audience, that enjoyed the screening before its official Italian release in 
The Lion King Italian dubbers welcomed to the Festival as rock stars
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