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In 2006, the musical scene of our country met a new phenomenon, light-years away from the classic pop singer in the Italian charts. The talented MC already produced his first pre-recorded accompaniments when he was 16 years old and, after publishing for an indie label his same-name album "Mondo Marcio" and a mixtape by the title "Fuori di qua", Marcio debuted with the album "Solo un uomo" (self-produced at the age of 19), which in a few months reached the Gold Record goal, later certified as Platinum.
Welcomed with great enthusiasm by the specialized press and defined as an authentic revelation by the most popular Italian newspapers and magazines, Mondo Marcio was among the first artists to take the Italian hip hop phenomenon to the public. The single "Dentro alla Scatola" ranked directly n.2 for sales while the album stayed in the chart for over 40 weeks and sold over 80,000 copies.
In June 2007, he published the single "Generazione X". The same-name album premiered at the TRL Awards in Piazza Duomo in Milan in mid-April, hitting both public and professionals. The album was followed by a tour in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. After the discographic success, confident he would turn his passion into business, he started his own production company and record label. Mondo Records, with the Mondo Records Studio, in Milan, is made up of a team of musicians and producers from the industry and beyond, coordinated by his vision and passion for creating music meant to be remembered by people through time. His wish was hitting an ambitious target: high level production of his own and other artists’ music.
With over 130,000 copies sold and several tours throughout Italy, 2012 was the year of "Cose dell’Altro Mondo", the album of full maturity, which was published in a different musical scene. The release was anticipated by the launch of the first single "Senza Cuore" and its video, available on YouTube, was winner as “Video of the Year” at the Mtv Hip Hop Awards 2012. With a fan base supporting him day after day, a week from its release "Cose dell’Altro Mondo" ranked n.1 in the FIMI (Italian Music Industry Federation) chart of the Italian best-selling albums.
In June 2013, a special edition of "Cose dell’Altro Mondo", including 4 unreleased tracks and his debut album "Mondo Marcio" of 2004, was released.
In 2014, Mondo Marcio published an album destined to shake up once again the Italian music scene: an entire project in collaboration with Mina, an absolute icon of Italian singing, music and culture. The album title was "Nella Bocca della Tigre" (In the Tiger’s Mouth), and the project highlighted the Artist’s producing talent who benefited from the extraordinary participation of the Tiger from Cremona (Mina’s nickname) to create a unique work of art.
In 2016 Mondo Marcio published his latest-to-the-day album, "La Freschezza del Marcio", defined by Rolling Stone as a “certificate of victory”. The reaction of the fan base and critics was quick, from the views to the streamings flying high since the first weeks of the project, to rewarding tracks like "Questo Cuore Queste Stelle" which ranked n.1 in the Spotify Italian top 50 chart, to the concert in the rapper’s native city, Milan, where Mondo Marcio closed, with a sold-out concert at the Alcatraz, an over-one-year-long tour in Italy and Switzerland.
On March 8, 2019, his new album "Uomo" was released. It was produced by international names like Swede from 808 Mafia di Miami (production team including names such as Dj Khaled, Jay Z, Future, Gucci Mane), the New York producers Muzicheart and Fastlife Beats and the same Mondo Marcio and was mixed and mastered by Marco Zangirolami.
"In an age when the slick Photoshop image rules, and where the number of “likes” under our photos defines our social status, “Uomo!” is a celebration of human nature, unique just for its flaws – says Mondo Marcio about the record’s concept – In “Uomo!” I also tell the story of a kid who began his adventure in the music scene when he was only 16 years old and who is now back with an album that, better than any other, tells the personal growing of a kid into a man".
The album, indeed, is a celebration of man as a human being, with his limits and flaws. An intimate and profound record, where Mondo Marcio explores with sharp rhymes and killing beats the thousand human facets, dealing with original themes which are different from the ones of the current rap scene. A voice standing out from the crowd for outsiders, misfits and dreamers.
The single "Angeli e demoni", with Mina’s extraordinary participation, was extracted from the album, entered the top charts and aired on all radios.
Now on tour in the best Italian locations.
In April, the artist performed in Rome and Milan, collecting two sold-outs at Largo Venue and Fabrique,
Today Mondo Marcio is an established music icon of this country, an innovator, an artist who is not addressing his competitors anymore, since his anachronistic path leaves no room for any of them. The figures, the CV and the test of time prove it.