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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2016 - 15.24 July


JULY 22nd


Sara Serraiocco was born in Pescara in 1990. She has always dedicated time to her two main passions, cinema and dancing. After her degree she moved to Rome and attended the cinema academy "Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia".

After landing a role in R.I.S. Roma - Delitti imperfetti 3 she was given the leading role in Salvo (2013): she played the role of blind Rita for which she won several awards , like the Globo d'oro for best actress in a leading role.

In 2014 she was cast by Liliana Cavani for the role of Santa Chiara d'Assisi in the TV drama Francesco (Rai1). In 2015 she was back on the silver screen with Cloro directed by Lamberto Sanfelice where she playes Jenny, a professional swimmer whose teen years are devastated by her mother's sudden death. The performance won her a Globo d’Oro 2015 nomination for best actress in a leading role.

She was chosen as Shooting star to represent Italy at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival and director Giovanni Veronesi cast her for the leading role in his latest film Non è un paese per giovani which he has just finished shooting. She is currently on the set of Brutti e cattivi by Cosimo Gomez with Claudio Santamaria and Marco D'Amore, and La ragazza del mondo by Marco Danieli with Michele Riondino.

  • Filmography:

    Salvo, written and directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza (2013)
    Cloro, by Lamberto Sanfelice (2015)                                                                                         L'Accabadora, by Enrico Pau (2015)
    La ragazza del mondo, by Marco Danieli (2016)
    Non è un paese per giovani, by Giovanni Veronesi (2016)
    Brutti e Cattivi, by Cosimo Gomez (2016)

    R.I.S. Roma - Delitti imperfetti 3 (2012)
    Francesco, by Liliana Cavani (2014)