#GIFFONI50 becomes four

#Giffoni50 becomes four. Like a good friend, in times of hardships, he pushes on the accelerator and gives his all to support the ones he holds close to his heart: the jurors. The Covid 19 emergency required a reformulation of the template followed so far. The Protocols which strongly call for caution dictated it. That's why this year the Giffoni Film Festival will be divided into four different moments, modulated according to the age target of the jurors, who more than ever will be guaranteed maximum safety. The first leg will take place in Giffoni Valle Piana from 18 to 22 August, the second from 25 to 29 August, the third between September and November and the fourth from 26 to 30 December.

18-22 August 2020

- Generator +16 and Generator +18
- Masterclass Impact
- 200 jurors will participate for the +16 and 105 for the +18
- Three theatres equipped with anti-Covid measures
- 1300 young people will participate through the Italian and international hubs

- Generator +13
- Masterclass Cult and Impact with 135 participants
- 305 jurors will participate, divided into two groups of 200 and 105.
- Four Theatres equipped in compliance with the anti Covid-19 protocols
- 1100 young people will participate through Italian and international hubs

25-29 August 2020

September - October - November

- Italian universities, European hubs and new master classes
- 1500 young people in attendance and 3000 through Italian and international hubs.
- tour in Italy for the fiftieth anniversary of Giffoni
- Creative Weeks

26-30 December 2020

- Elements + 6 and + 10
- Gex Doc - Parental Experience dedicated to parents
- recreational and educational activities for children and families