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Category: Edition 2020

A raccoon cub is determined to get rid of the plastic trash overwhelming her island. She explains her plan to fix the problem once and for all to the woolly and whiskered villagers of Tidy Town. A big city wolf responsible for the production of said plastic comes to help, but not in a way our little cub would like.

Original Title Tidy Town
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6’ 48’’
Production Year 2020
Nationality Netherlands
Directed by Dana Alink
Screenplay Dana Alink
Animation Thirza van der Zee, Charlotte Lemmers, Noémie Bajor, Dana Alink, Jil Jil Siu, Cecil Eijgendaal
Music Jose Varon
Composing Isabella Calmet
Produced by Dana Alink, Thirza van der Zee


8140d112b0 headshotDana Alink

Ever since she was little, next to drawing non-stop, Dana Alink has been telling stories to her younger siblings, her parents, her friends, and to anybody else who did or didn’t want to listen. Growing up she's come to focus her stories on mental health awareness, environmentalism, and emotional expression, wrapping these themes in a blanket of the fantastic and the surreal.




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