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Category: Edition 2020

A kid is travelling trough different planets to learn basic notions.

Original Title Iou
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6' 35"
Production Year 2019
Nationality Italy
Directed by Luca Pieri Pilotti
Screenplay Luca Pieri Pilotti, Luca Angeleri
Produced by Luca Pieri Pilotti, Giancarlo Saronne, Mario Saronne


LucaPieriPilottiLuca Pieri Pilotti

Director and post production supervisor, he mainly works on branded content and automotive films for broadcast TV and social media. He works with brands such as Sky Italia, Mediaset, Porsche, Toyota, Abart, Kia, Samsung, Verti, Natuzzi and Givova. He has always been passionate about cartoons and in 2018  directed his first animated short film for preschool children, in association with Giancarlo and Mario Saronne who accompanied him throughout the process of character development and the development of the story, written by Luca Angeleri.