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Category: Edition 2020

The mouse family lives modestly, but very peacefully. Daddy Mouse loves Mummy Mouse, and their children, a son and daughter, grow up to be friendly, funny and honest mice. One day, going to town to work, Daddy Mouse shows his son a page ripped out of a magazine, with a diamond-shaped cheese ring on it. He dreams of giving his wife an impressive Christmas present. When father and son enter the jewelry's store, they don't have enough money to buy the ring. Daddy Mouse remembers he has an old but fine watch. He comes up with an idea…

Original Title Мышиный новый год
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Russia
Directed by Michael Soluyanov
Screenplay Michael Soluyanov, Anna Lobova, Ilya Zikov
Animation Michael Soluyanov
Graphic Consultant Olga Lisina
Sound Vova Grin
Music Vova Grin
Main cast Laura K Welsh
Thaddeus Walster
Produced by Michael Soluyanov