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Category: Edition 2020

For more than 200 years, the Elfkins have been living underground, hiding from the upper world and avoiding any interaction with the “ungrateful and mean” human beings. But one day, the vivid Elfkin girl Helvi cannot bear the lack of space and individual fulfillment any longer. Together with two companions, the Elfkin boys Kipp and Butz, she climbs up to the earth‘s surface to find her fate. After hilarious adventures, Helvi‘s growing friendship with the initially grumpy pastry chef Theo will remind her and all the other Elfkins of their true purpose in life: helping others! 

Original Title Die Heinzels - Rueckkehr der Heinzelmaennchen
Italian Title Elfkins - Missione Best Bakery
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 78'
Production Year 2019
Nationality Germany
Directed by Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Screenplay Jan Strathmann
Animation Director Amnon Schwarz
Production Design Felix Presch
Lead character designer Gerlinde Godelmann
Art Director Heiko Hentschel
Original Voices Jella Haase
Louis Hofmann
Leon Seidel
Detlef Bierstedt
Elke Heidenreich,
Bill Mockridge
Marie-Luise Marjan
Produced by Dirk Beinhold


ute von munchow pohlUTE VON MÜNCHOW-POHL

From 1987 through 1990, Ute von Münchow-Pohl worked for the Hahn-Film GmbH in Berlin, where she drew, amongst other projects, for the TV-series BENJAMIN BLÜMCHEN and the feature film WERNER – BEINHART (1990). Thereafter she left Berlin: she headed animation seminars in San José (Costa Rica) and, for Universal Pictures in London, and she animated the feature film AN AMERICAN TAIL: FIEVEL GOES WEST (1991). Up until the year 2002, she worked for TFC Trickompany in Hamburg on a large number of projects, including THE LITTLE PUNK (1992), OTTIFANTEN (1993) and FELIDAE (1994). She was the animation director of WERNER – EAT MY DUST!!! (1996) and PIPPI LONGSTOCKING (1998). In 2001, she directed her first feature film, KOMMANDO STÖRTEBECKER. From 1998 through 2004 she was a regular lecturer at the Animation School Hamburg. For the company Cartoon-Film in Berlin, she animated TOBIAS AND HIS LION (1999) and drew storyboards for LAURA’S STAR (2004) and THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (2005). Ute von Münchow-Pohl directed the TV-series LITTLE DODO and a feature film of the same title (2008), for which she also contributed the script and the storyboard. She co-directed both feature films, LITTLE DODO and LAURA’S STAR AND THE DREAM MONSTER (2011) alongside the late Thilo Graf Rothkirch.

The first time Ute von Münchow-Pohl directed an Akkord Film production was in 2012, when she oversaw RAVEN THE LITTLE RASCAL with Sandor Jesse as co-director. Two years later, she directed RAVEN THE LITTLE RASCAL 2 – THE BIG RACE with Sandor Jesse. She is the stand-alone director of the animation feature film RABBIT SCHOOL - GUARDIANS OF THE GOLDEN EGG which had the World Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival and was screened at Giffoni Film Festival 2017. THE ELFKINS is her most recent film.

Director’s statement

The movie tells us how a little elfkin girl can change the story of her own kin and that of a human as well, through her courage, overwhelming energy and disarming belief that everybody can be good.

Together with two buddies Elfie starts out into the unknown human world to meet a grumpy human and stir up his life for good. The elfkin kids take us on a rollercoaster of inventive schemes and bold action, fun and heartwarming moments, to reach the simple but important conclusion: we have to make up with each other. For our own sake we better overcome old grudges and prejudices, we need to get in contact again and reunite what we separated in resentment. Elfie invites us to challenge the status quo and, no matter what it takes, to insist on a happy ending of our own story.”