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Category: Masterclass Cult

The world of Nina, sixteen-year-old, is positively upset by the meeting with Carlotta, a girl of her age who has just moved next door. Both girls secretly hatch the idea of running away from home: Carlotta can’t take any more the suffocating love of her mother Matilde, Nina is tired of her mother, Amber, an exuberant art collector too caught up in her wild life, made of trendy parties and bizarre art exhibitions.

Original Title NINA E IL CIELO
Italian Title NINA E IL CIELO
Category Out of competition
Section Masterclass Cult
Tipology Short Film
Duration 20'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Italy
Directed by Erica De Lisio
Screenplay Giovanna De Luca, Erica De Lisio
Script Giovanna De Luca
Based on an idea by Ester Gatta
Director of photography Pasquale Corrado
Editor Dario Incerti
Production Design Giovanni Sanniola
Costume Design Annalisa Ciaramella
Sound Gennaro Mungiguerra
Music Mezcla, Foja
Main cast Elena Foresta
Giorgio Agata
Giovanna Rei
Ester Gatta
Emilio Vacca
Nando Morra
Produced by Stefano Incerti, Eduardo Angeloni, Ester Gatta

She was born in Salerno in 1995. Graduated in Cinema-Photography-Television with 110/110 with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples with a thesis on “Werner Herzog and the ecstatic truth”. After several jobs as assistant director and editor for short and medium-length fiction films, she approaches real life cinema, focusing mainly on life stories. In 2017 she directed her first documentary BETTINA, followed by the short PASSI (2018), the documentary PUCUNDRÌA (2019), the spot CAMPANIA SPECIAL ONE, on folklore and gastronomy in Campania, the documentary IL PASSATO È PRESENTE (2019). Her latest work, the short NINA E IL CIELO, was co-produced by the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, An.tra.cine and Esga Trading in 2020. Erica was a juror at the Giffoni Film Festival for several years and participated in the Masterclass held by Francesco Alò.