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Category: Masterclass Cult

It is the night of September 25, 1988: the moon is full and radiates on the Statale 640 from Agrigento to Caltanissetta. A car is running when, at the height of the Giurfo viaduct, it is attacked by a commando of hit men who explodes a lead grid against the unsuspecting passengers of the vehicle. The bodies, torn and unrecognizable, belong to Antonino Saetta, 65 years old, president of the first section of the Court of Assisi in Palermo, and to his son Stefano, thirty-five years old. They were going home, without armor or escort, after participating in the baptism of a grandchild in Canicattì. Antonino, sentenced to death by Cosa Nostra because impassive to compromise but given to the cause of Justice and Stefano, unaware martyr of a despicable reality that spares no one. Antonino was been involved in important trials: from the one for the Red Brigades, in Genoa, to another epoch-making trial, that of the shipwreck of the merchant ship Seagull, which will lead to a legislative turn. And Antonino is also the judge who issues the severe sentences against instigators and perpetrators of the murders of Rocco Chinnici and of the captain of the carabinieri Emanuele Basile. Therefore the mafia kills, for the first time, a magistrate, the most accredited to be the president of the Maxiprocesso appeal, and, for the first time, together with a son, found with the father's body lying on his. Perhaps, Antonino's extreme attempt to save his son’s life, their last dramatic embrace.

Category Out of competition
Section Masterclass Cult
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 62'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Italy
Directed by Davide Lorenzano
Screenplay Davide Lorenzano
Director of photography Daniele Ciprì
Editor Andrea Campajola
Animation Grafimated Cartoon
Sound Francesco Cavalieri, Mirko Cangiamila
Music Bruno Bavota, Andrea Campaiola, Massimiliano Lazzaretti
With Gaetano Aronica, Lidia Vitale, Roberto e Gabriella Saetta, Giuseppe e Alessandra Fallica, Gaetano Augello, Carmelo Sardo, Caterina Chinnici, Antonino Di Matteo
Produced by Cristian Patanè

regista Davide LorenzanoDAVIDE LORENZANO
Davide Lorenzano was born in 1990 in Caltanissetta. Journalist attentive to historical research and new languages, he first worked as an editorial consultant for small publishing houses and collaborated with online newspapers and newspapers such as Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Giornale di Sicilia, The Post Internazionale dealing mostly with criminal organizations, the environment and society. In 2016, he wrote and directed IL GIUDICE DI CANICATTÌ. ROSARIO LIVATINO, IL CORAGGIO E LA TENACIA, independent documentary with the voice of Giulio Scarpati broadcasted on Rai Storia and streamed on Rai Play. In 2020, he wrote and directed L’ABBRACCIO on the forgotten story of Antonino and Stefano Saetta, victims of a fierce ambush of Cosa Nostra, a documentary set for release soon, produced by Bridge Film with the photography of Daniele Ciprì.


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