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Category: Edition 2020

Next future: wars and devastating natural disasters have destroyed infrastructure and brought the world back to a wild state. The survivors attempt to emigrate by sea but often end up being deported to real concentration camps by human traffickers. The protagonists of the story, a boy named Cam and his sister, embark on a journey in search of an escape route to the sea, the last chance to save themselves and find freedom. To reach the ports, they must cross abandoned moors where armed militias and avid human traffickers rage; a frightening itinerary at the mercy of a ruthless world. It is a long, extremely dangerous journey, and soon the boy, left alone after the kidnapping of his sister, comes across a mysterious friar...

Original Title LA GUERRA DI CAM
Italian Title LA GUERRA DI CAM
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Italy
Directed by Laura Muscardin
Screenplay Laura Muscardin, Davide Orsini
Director of photography Manolo Cinti
Editor Letizia Caudullo
Production Design Giuliano Pannuti
Costume Design Eleonora Rella
Sound Silvestro Suppa
Music Pescheria
Main cast Alessio Praticò
Lorenzo McGovern Zaini
Sofia Iacuitto
Katie McGovern
Aldo Rapè
Filippo Gattuso
Produced by Francesco Paolo Montini

regista Laura MuscardinLAURA MUSCARDIN
After graduating in modern history at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome with honors, she worked as a stage manager at the Nebreuko Theater Company, Brooklyn, New York and studied production and directing at the U.S.C. (University of Southern California). In 1992 she founded the Golden Mist, an independent documentaries and videos production company for which she directed and produced documentaries, short films, videos, in Italy and abroad, obtaining awards in various festivals. She worked as assistant director and production assistant for cinema, advertising and television series. Her first feature GIORNI was released in 2001, followed by BILLO, LE GRAND DAKHAAR in 2008. The films have been selected and awarded in numerous international festivals. In the following years she directed television series such as the first episodes of LA VIE EST À NOUS for TF1 (France), TUTTI PAZZI PER AMORE (Rai1, Italy) and MATRIMONI E ALTRE FOLLIE (Canale 5, Italy). She was tutor for the Happy Snaps independent filmmakers program in South Africa. She is currently teaching Theory and Analysis of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Language and Multimedia Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she has also been teacher of a Master on art documentary. LA GUERRA DI CAM is her third feature film.

Director's statement
"At the base of the film there is the need to narrate the struggle for survival and humanity's predisposition towards evil. How evil, if left unchecked, can permeate all aspects of a human being's life. When the Hog trafficker brutally kills his mother and kidnaps his sister, Cam finds himself alone, forced to survive in a brutal world and to reckon, due to the "paternal" influence of the Friar, with his own dark side. The eleven year old Cam's journey takes place in a dark and violent world of solitude and danger. That journey transforms him, makes him become an adult by building a bridge between the memory of who he is (and where he comes from) and who he can become. Our intention is to tell a strong story, about the challenge, never explored sufficiently, between Good and Evil. A timeless classic, which takes as its ideal reference a certain western cinema (a genre that has addressed the universal and complex themes of human nature and morals, with a clear and recognizable language and without excessive shading), hybridizing it with the dystopian genre and setting the "heart of darkness" of Cam. All in an apocalyptic, futuristic scenario, discovered thanks to a huge research work on location in two splendid Italian regions not frequented by cinema: Sicily and Emilia Romagna. A world devastated by war and "salvation beyond the sea" can only make us think of the choices of many migrants who cross the Sahara to reach Libya, just to be prey to armed gangs who want to make money on that journey of hope or make them object of the most unheard violence. Natural light and colors will have to tell a nature contaminated by the devastation of the world, but which in some way is also a new protagonist beyond man. A nature that tries to bury the remains of contemporary civilization".


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