film giffoni 2023


Category: Special Events

Pietro, a fourteen-year-old who loves sneakers, of which he owns a very precious collection
of limited editions, is dragged by his parents to a small village in Calabria for the summer
holidays. Here he develops a crush on Luce, a young environmental activist who loves the
planet and hates tourists. To win her over, Pietro pretends to be an ecologist, pretends to be
a big shot of the "Fridays for future" and starts hanging out with the colorful group of
volunteers and friends of Luce. Between one sustainable activity and another, Pietro and
Luce get closer and closer but a story based on lies cannot last. The deception comes to
light and the two boys have to come to terms with their true feelings, beyond the labels.
On the day of the village festival, just after August 15th, they will stop being afraid of their
emotions, they will discover that they have learned something from each other and that this
experience has changed them forever.

Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology TV Series, Special Event
Duration 6X24'
Production Year 2023
Nationality Italy
Directed by Mario Vitale
Based on an idea by Mario Vitale
Main cast Alessio Praticò,
Francesco Mura,
Nicole Sorace,
Ilenia Lazzarin,
Luca Seta,
Elèna Chirico,
Malich Cissè,
Tommaso Guidi,
Camilla Icardi,
Gaia Carlotta Ndoye,
Giuseppe Pallone,
Francesco Petit- Bon
Production KidsMe


Mario VitaleMario Vitale
He was born in Lamezia Terme in 1985. In 2009 he graduated with honors in Techniques of
Cinematographic Performance at La Sapienza University of Rome, with a thesis on the
cinema of Luis Buñuel. After some experiences on sets as assistant director and the
direction of numerous music videos, in 2014 he wrote and directed the short film IL TUFFO,
selected and awarded in various national and international festivals. In 2015 he made the
musical film THISORIENTAMENTO - a work in twelve video clips for the band Dissidio - and
he was among the ten directors of the collective short IL MIRACOLO presented during the
72nd Venice Film Festival, at the 10th Rome Film Fest and winner of a Mention Special at
the Silver Ribbons. In 2016 he wrote and directed the short films FATIMA and NOW YOU
HAVE TO INVENT YOUR WORK. The latter, interpreted by Fabrizio Ferracane, was
selected in numerous Italian and international festivals. In 2018 he wrote and directed the
short film TAKE CARE OF ME starring Daphne Scoccia which obtained an excellent
response from the public and critics. The short was selected by the National Short Film
Center and the MIUR to be screened in various Italian schools and was recognized as an Art
Film by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. It was then distributed in Italian theaters by F.I.C.E.
(Italian Federation of Essai Cinema) within the review "Cortometraggi che passione (Short
films what a passion)”. In 2021 he made the video clip DAVID CHI? for N.A.I.P., revelation
artist of X-Factor 2020 produced by Sony Music Italy. Mario was also co-author and director
of the episode dedicated to the writer Liala of the docu-series IL SEGNO DELLE DONNE
and author and director of the episode dedicated to the journalist Adele Cambria of the
docu-series DONNE DI CALABRIA, both produced by Anele for Rai Storia. In November
2021, his first feature film, entitled L'AFIDE E LA FORMICA, produced by Indaco Film in
collaboration with Rai Cinema and starring Giuseppe Fiorello, Valentina Lodovini, Cristina
Parku and Alessio Praticò, was released in Italian cinemas. The film, Best Italian First Film at
the Fabrique du Cinema Awards, presented and awarded at numerous Italian and
international festivals, then made its TV debut exclusively on Sky Cinema and Amazon
Prime Video in February 2022. He directed the docu-fiction I CACCIATORI DEL CIELO
broadcast in March 2023 on Rai1, with Giuseppe Fiorello.

“Behind the direction of SUMMER LIMITED EDITION there is the need to tell Calabria with
an innovative and original approach, moving away as far as possible from the
cinematographic clichés that paint this region as a disadvantaged land. Starting from a real
context we tell adolescence, trying to draw in a frank, direct and sincere way the emotions,
joys and fears that distinguish this transitional period of life and trying to restore its peculiar
The reference genre is that of romantic comedy, with a story inserted in an unusual context
linked to the theme of environmental activism, understood as a symbol of a historical
moment of great social transition and a perfect metaphor to describe the rite of passage from
adolescence to adulthood.
The environmental issue is tackled avoiding falling into rhetorical or banal registers, rather
trying to interpret the phenomenon as a moment of growth, not only cultural or social, but
also and above all human.
Taking as an example films and series that deal with themes for children, which find ample
space within a more international cinematography, we tell a modern teenage love story set in
a post pandemic context in which children rediscover contact with the environment and
nature, but above all they finally reconnect with human emotions, with kisses and hugs that
they had forgotten for too long.”