film giffoni 2023


Category: Special Events

A coming of age story that follows the stories of a group of teenagers from Rome with enormous problems and immense powers. Powers capable of turning their lives upside down, forcing them to face their limits, their desires and their responsibilities. No hyperbolic missions, no universe to save or super powerful super villains to fight, but a story totally focused on the characters, in which superpowers become a metaphor for the difficulties and possibilities that teenagers are called to face.

Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology TV Series, Special Event
Production Year 2023
Nationality Italy
Directed by Carmine Elia
Screenplay Valerio D'Annunzio, Michelangelo La Neve
In collaboration with Prime Video
Produced by Nicola e Marco De Angelis
Production Rai Fiction, Fabula Pictures

carmine elia Noi siamo leggendaCarmine Elia

He began working in the world of television in 2001 as assistant director for, among the others, Gianpaolo Tescari in the miniseries ONORA IL PADRE, IL LATO OSCURO and GLI OCCHI DELL'ALTRO, and for Giulio Base in SAN PIETRO and MARIA GORETTI. In 2006 he made his directorial debut for the television series DON MATTEO with Terence Hill, followed by NATI IERI (2007), HO SPOSATO UNO SBIRRO (2008), TERAPIA D'URGENZA (2008), OCCHIO A QUEI DUE (2009), SANTA BARBARA (2012), LA STRADA DRITTA (2014), LA DAMA VELATA (2015), IL SISTEMA (2016), LA PORTA ROSSA (2017), MARE FUORI (2020) e SOPRAVVISSUTI (2022).