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Category: Elements +10

August 1914. While the German army is gaining ground in the North of France, four boys aged 10 to 15, LUcien, LUcas, LUigi and LUdwig are left behind during the evacuation of their orphanage. Without the protection of Abbé Turpin and the schoolteacher Leutellier, the Lulus are now stranded on their own behind the enemy frontline. Soon joined by LUce, a pretty young girl separated from her parents, they decide to reach the neutral country of Switzerland by all means possible. They embark on an adventure for which nothing and no one has prepared them! They will discover that the supposed enemies can turn out to be formidable allies, like Hans, the German deserter with a big heart, Louison, the so-called witch of the village, Gaston, the grumpy clog maker or their new friend Moussa, a young Senegalese rifleman.

Original Title La Guerre des Lulus
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 109’
Production Year 2022
Nationality France, Luxembourg
Directed by Yann Samuell
Screenplay Yann Samuell
Based on the book La Guerre des Lulus
by Régis Hautière and HARDOC
Director of photography Vincent Gallot
Editor Sylvie Landra
Production Design Hérald Najar
Costume Design Magdalena Labuz
Sound Bernard Borel, Nicolas Leroy, Grég Vincent, Michel Schillings
Make up Frédo Roeser
Music Mathieu Lamboley
Casting Julie David
Main cast Tom Castaing
Léonard Fauquet
Mathys Gros
Paloma Lebeaut
Loup Pinard
Solal Devey
Isabelle Carré
François Damiens
Alex Lutz
Ahmed Sylla
Luc Schiltz
Didier Bourdon
Emmanuelle Gronvold
Nickel Bösenberg
Franck Beckmann
Étienne Valenti
Marie Vaisy
Jean-Michel Larré
Philippe Meyrer
Produced by Marc Gabizon, Clément Calvet, Jérémie Fajner, Éric Boquého, Thierry Barle, Adeline Fontan Tessaur, Jérôme Rougier. Christel Henon, Lilian Eche
Production Les Films du Lézard


The Lulus directorYann Samuell

His first feature-length film, LOVE ME IF YOU DARE (2003), featured Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. The film was an immediate international success and went on to become the most widely distributed French movie. It was remade numerous times, turned into novels, and adapted for the theater and for a live musical comedy on Broadway. This success opened the doors of Hollywood, where he made MY SASSY GIRL in 2007 with Elisha Cuthbert. He returned to France with WITH LOVE…FROM THE AGE OF REASON (2010), in which Sophie Marceau has to keep the promises she made as a child. Yann Samuell returned to the mainstream with his adaptation of WAR OF THE BUTTONS (2011). Next came two ghost movies, with the American-British THE GREAT GHOST RESCUE and an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde story THE CANTERVILLE GHOST (2016), with Audrey Fleurot, Mickael Youn, and Michelle Laroque.

“I like the nature of childhood, the ability of children to redefine themselves, whatever the circumstances. As in The Night of the Hunter, they overcome adversity and are able to reset the counters. Also, as I was writing, I was scouting and I realised why I felt so appealed by this film: there is a famous shot of a child perched on a tank during the Liberation of Paris in August 1944, and it happens to be my father, who had just died. I realised that this film was a way of paying tribute to him. [...] In my eyes, war is a situation of decay where you lose loved ones, material goods, but also hope, convictions and ambitions for the future. What interested me in my approach was that the children in the film, who are orphans and have nothing, go the other way round: the further they move on, the more they grow. They find their own image of mother, father, grandfather and big brother in the course of their encounters, and I wanted them to come out of the war as winners.”


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