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Nadia is a 16-year old girl. One day she agrees to take a walk with 18-year old Brando. The boy abuses her and from that moment on, Nadia will have to cope for the rest of her life with the emotional and physical consequences of the rape.

Original Title La ragazza ha volato
Category Out of competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 93'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Italy, Slovenia
Directed by Wilma Labate
Screenplay Damiano D'Innocenzo, Fabio D'Innocenzo, Wilma Labate
Director of photography Sandro Chessa
Editor Mario Marrone
Production Design Flaviano Barbarisi
Costume Design Metella Raboni
Sound Matteo Di Simone, Denis Guarente, Francesco Morosini, Fabio Pagotto, Paolo Pucci
Make up Alessia Iacino
Music Stefano Ratchev, Mattia Carratello
Main cast Alma Noce, Luka Zunic, Rossana Mortara, Massimo Somaglino, Livia Rossi
Talent Manager Antonella Perrucci
Produced by Gabriele Trama, Roberto Manni, Ines Vasiljevic, Miha Cernec, Jozko Rutar, Alessio Lazzareschi
Production TraLab, Nightswim, Staragara, Rai Cinema, con il contributo del Ministero della Cultura, con il sostegno di Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission

la ragazza ha volato REGWilma Labate

After graduating in philosophy in 1979, she collaborated with RAI directing several documentaries. In 1990 she directed her first medium-length film, CIRO IL PICCOLO, set in a nocturnal and non-stereotyped Naples. In her work she has often dealt with uncomfortable issues with a strong social impact. In 1992, her first feature film, AMBROGIO, was the story of a girl who wants to become a master mariner but, living in the Sixties, faces numerous obstacles. In 1996, with the film MY GENERATION, she told the journey of a political prisoner and a captain of the carabinieri from South to North, aboard an armored paddy wagon: the film was chosen to represent Italy at the Academy Award in the category "best foreign film ". In 2000 she directed DOMENICA, still in a secret and melancholy Naples: within a day a deep relationship is born between a battered policeman and a little orphan. In 2001 she directed the radio play Dulhan la sposa, which earned her the victory at the Prix Italia. In 2003 she, along with other directors, took part in the ensemble film LETTERS FROM PALESTINE, presented at the Berlinale. In the same year she presented MALEDETTA MIA in Venice. In 2008, SIGNORINA EFFE, the story of a FIAT employee, was released in theaters. Her most recent film, THE GIRL HAS FLOWN, was presented at the Venice Film Festival.

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