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October 16, 1943, Rome. It is early morning. Lea, waking from a nightmare, hears a knock on the door. Two German soldiers give her a leaflet: Lea and her husband Enzo have twenty minutes to leave their lives behind and follow them. But on the list of Germans the names of their children, Cesare and Fiorella, are not mentioned. Lea and Enzo are undecided about what to do: in the heat of the moment, they will be forced to make the most difficult decision of their life.

Original Title Venti minuti
Category Official Competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Short Film
Duration 19' 50"
Production Year 2021
Nationality Italy
Directed by Daniele Esposito
Screenplay Annabella Calabrese e Daniele Esposito
Director of photography Michelangelo Maraviglia
Editor Daniele Esposito
Production Design Isabel Corona Passayan
Costume Design Stefania Pisano
Sound Matteo Botticelli
Music Bruno Falanga
Main cast Annabella Calabrese, Luca Paniconi, Matteo Amici, Elisa Amici, Lucia Batassa
Produced by Annabella Calabrese e Daniele Esposito (Le chat Noir)

Headshot aab198c129 headshotDaniele Esposito

Daniele Esposito is an Italian film producer, director and screenwriter. Among his most recent works as a director: the short film THE WHEEL, the web series SUPER ITALIAN FAMILY with Michela Andreozzi and the David di Donatello award winner Edoardo Pesce. The series won the first prize in the Roma Web Fest and was screened during the Rio Web Fest in Rio de Janeiro. Among his recent works as a screenwriter there is the animation feature film screenplay A LITTLE BULLET. This project won the Amarcort Award 2016 - Special Mention Pitch in The Day Roma Creative Contest 2017, it also won the first prize in the Canary Islands Film Market 2018. It was selected for the pitch session of Maison des Scénaristes in Cannes Film Festival in 2017 and for Animation Production Day 2018 in Stuttgart.

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