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Category: Edition 2022

The arrival of the first child reveals the difference between loving and accepting each other for how he/she is.

Original Title El Sueño de Quino
Category Official Competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 8'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Spain
Directed by Santiago Erlich
Animation Andrea Esteban, Carla Gómez, Daniel Alcañiz, Gema Rodríguez, Paula Seislices, Sara Prado, Sergio Sierra, Unai Guridi, Cristina Rodriguez

Headshot 443889d4d5 headshotSantiago Erlich

Santi Erlich is Art Coordinator at Blue Píxel Production Company and Master in 3D Art at CEV, and his resume includes his work for CUERDAS (Goya Award for best animated short film), ATRAPA LA BANDERA (Goya Award for best animated film) and the film DEEP. His experience in video games and Motion Capture led him to collaborate with Tequila Works in the development of the game The invisible Hour for VR platforms. He currently does freelance work for national and international productions. He has an extensive experience in Performing Arts, which has allowed him to successfully face the difficult task of giving "life" to animated characters. Son of artists, from a very early age he received training in drawing, painting, music and as a big fan of cinema, he made short films with his first camera, awakening his interest in cinematographic language, new technologies and storytelling.

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