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Category: Edition 2022

A non-functional relationship between Dror (10), a deaf child and Moshik, his father who struggles to accept his deafness. Moshik insists on integrating Dror in a school for hearing children, where Dror experiences bullying. He first sees his son’s distress after Dror attacks the class bully and is expelled. Now the two have to communicate to find solutions.

Original Title Father Tongue
Category Official Competition
Section Parental Experience
Tipology Short Film
Duration 18' 35"
Production Year 2022
Nationality Israel
Directed by Ivgeny Gashinsky
Screenplay Ivgeny Gashinsky
Director of photography Johnathan (Johnny) Karny
Editor Iris Ben Moshe
Production Design Neta Shenitzer
Sound Yohai Ben Zvi
Music Kobi Vitman
Main cast MIki Leon, MIko Reynlib, Anna Zharova, Ariel Lindzen Geron
Produced by Iris Ben Moshe

DirectorIvgeny Gashinsky

Ivgeny studied film and television at Jordan Valley College. He began his career in the film and television industry mainly as a production assistant working on films such as FAUDA, HIT & RUN with Lior Raz, FALSE FLAG with Miki Leon, VICTORY PICTURE with Avi Nesher. He wrote and directed all kinds of small projects, most related to the deaf and hearing-impaired community. In 2017 he directed a 10-minute VR film named NO WORDS, as part of the Gesher Foundation's VR incubator - "I to eye".

Festival contact
Asaf Yecheskel
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