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Category: Edition 2022

Young Hephaestus, in an attempt to undo his exile from Olympus, forges a gift for his mother Hera, but is forced to make a pact with Hermes so that the latter brings the gift to the goddess on his behalf.

Original Title Vulcano
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6' 58''
Production Year 2022
Nationality Italy
Directed by Margherita Abbruzzi, Serena Miraglia, Giada Rizzi, Lara Zizzi
Screenplay Serena Miraglia, Lara Zizzi

Headshot 4cbd8a3cb8 headshotSerena Miraglia

Serena Miraglia was born in Trieste in 1998 and hasn't stopped drawing since that day. She soon chose to pursue the arts, attending Triest’s Accademia di Fumetto for several years before enrolling at the Enrico and Umberto Nordio Art School. Her dedication to drawing and love for stories have always led her to dream of creating through the medium of animation, an art that she considers to be of the highest value. She enrolls in the Experimental Center of Cinematography, where she puts these ambitions into practice by bringing to life the characters of "Vulcano". She graduates in 2022 and enters the industry as a 2D animator at Doghead Animation, where she still cultivates her passion by balancing her days between work and personal projects.

Lara Zizzi

Lara Zizzi was born on January 13, 1999 in Castellaneta, in the province of Taranto. She spent most of her childhood watching cartoons, especially Disney classics, reading comics and drawing under the guidance of her grandfather, a painter. She studies at the Technical Institute of Martina Franca, with a specialization in advertising graphics, where she experiments with the use of the graphic tablet and drawing apps on the iPad. In the meantime, she attends the Conservatory where she manages to finish her studies by obtaining a degree in violin, despite her passion for playing bass and keyboards in rock bands. In 2019 she enrolled at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin. She currently works as a 2D Animator at Doghead Animation.

Margherita Abbruzzi

Margherita was born in Bari in 1999. She spent her childhood consuming mounds of cartoons, purely European, on Rai Gulp, and later she became passionate about anime for their varied storytelling. She enrolled at the Liceo Scientifico of Rutigliano and there she decided to pursue a career as an animator. She enrolled at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2018 where she collaborates in the realization of VULCANO. She is now preparing to join the industry eager to make a career.

Giada Rizzi

Giada was born in Varese in 1994. She immediately shows a strong interest in figurative arts and attends the local art school, cultivating her passion for fantastic stories in any form; from books, to movies, to comics. Following the achievement of a three-year degree in Sculpture, she decides to continue her artistic training by moving on a slightly different path, but one that she feels is closer to her: animation. With this motivation, in 2019, she enrolls in the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Turin, where she is about to graduate.

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